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Celebrate the Spring and welcome the arrival of thousands of migratory birds at the brante Wildlife Festival, where the site continues until April 20.
This festival celebrates the return of the Brant goose that stops every year at Parkville and the beach of queekham.
The area\'s beaches, swamps and estuary are a convenient middle point between their overwinter areas and nesting sites.
In addition to watching thousands of birds, the festival has held more than 25 events for people of all ages and interests.
Activities include watching wildlife, walking, children\'s nature camp, bio-Library, natural carving and art.
Couples can also renew their wedding vows through a wildlife wedding, a donated seaside wedding.
Activities include a guided tour of the Deep Bay Ocean Field Station at two o\'clock P. M. today. m.
Monday and Wednesday at 11 A. M. m.
The fee is $12 for adults, $6 for children aged 6 to 17, and free for children aged 5 and under.
On Friday, at Arrowsmith independent school, you can watch the documentary \"Winged Migration\" about winter bird migration, which has been filmed on seven continents for more than four years.
Admission through donation.
Open at 6: 30 and the movie starts at 7: 30. m.
You can then watch the main stars of the show on Sunday at Bay Brant, hosted by Arrowsmith naturalist.
Use the binoculars and the range of observations that will be provided to observe Brant geese and other coastal birds.
There will also be interesting displays.
You can join for free
The event runs from 11. m. to 3 p. m.
Community Park in Parkville on Sunday
On Monday, take a tour of the mouth of Little quirikham.
Join host, Streamkeepers at Qualicum Beach to learn about this important estuary, about streamkeepers\' recovery work, their Canadian goose management and local planting.
The program is free.
Start at 10. m.
From the parking lot at the end of Surfside Drive Beach near Kum Beach.
Raingear may be required when the program is running.
Wear a good pair of walking shoes or boots (
Rubber boots are not required).
Join streamon Creek Walk and Salmon fish recovery again on Wednesday.
Look at the local plants, resume planting, invade species, railways, and maybe any fish that passes.
You can also take a walk in the new waterfront nature park.
Activities are free.
Start at 1. m.
On Wednesday, from the bottom of Granton Creek Beach (
West Crescent Road and Beach Terrace).
Wear a good pair of walking shoes or boots and raingear as needed.
British Columbia Nature Trust
Joint Land Protection Organization
Coordinate the festival.
For more information and a schedule of events, please visit brantfeival. bc. ca.
Now book Behind the scenes to B. C.
This weekend, the SPCA Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is on the open day of metchusine. At the once-a-
During the year\'s event, an experienced volunteer took guests to the facilities to see how wild patients recovered.
Educational Raptors, children\'s events and exhibitions will be held on site by some community groups.
No wild patients will show up as the center wants to make sure they recover under as little pressure as possible.
The center\'s professional staff and volunteer team took care of more than 2,800 wild patients who were sick, injured and orphaned in 2018 and have taken care of more than 40,000 patients since its opening in 1997.
The event on Saturday is free, but donations of cash, food or supplies are appreciated and will continue
Save work in the center.
Due to the large demand, booking is necessary to ensure that all guests can make the most of their experience.
Open weekends will rain or shine and will always fill up soon.
Booking issues for large groups, or special accessibility travel requests for groups with mobile issues, can be sent to openhouse @ wildarc. com.
Activities from noon to four o\'clock P. M. m.
Wild arc on Saturday and Sunday at 1020 maloher Road.
For more information, or to book a place, visit spca. bc.
Activities/outdoor activitiesarc-open-house.
Watch the exciting challenges of crossing
On Saturday and Sunday, at the Bear Mountain Bike Festival at the Westin Bear Mountain resort on Country Club Road 1999, country racing, mountain bike tail room thrills and more.
This is the third year of the event, touted as prime minister of Vancouver Island
Road bike activities attended by over 500 people
From children to Olympic athletes
And nearly 5,000 viewers.
On Saturday, the UCI Bear Mountain Canada Cup XC kicked off with the 2019 Canadian Cup XCO long schedule, a well-known and challenging schedule.
Racers from different age groups and abilities can test their strength, endurance and technical abilities on the mountain trail system.
The highlight of the game will be watching the Olympic bronze medalist Catherine penderrell as the defending champion.
On Sunday, you can watch the game on the XC short track of Russ Hay, a dynamic game that lasts about 30 minutes.
This discipline is carried out on a shorter and simpler circuit (
About two kilometers)
There are fewer obstacles to the terrain, which will naturally prompt riders to ride in groups. With point-
In every period of time in the end area, scoring bonuses or bonuses, the finish line of each match guarantees a hard battle, bringing wonderful performances to the audience.
On Sunday, Matty\'s mountain cycle showed the rear chamber of Rocky Mountain with up to five timed Technology drops.
The event, which has a combined drop height of 5 and 600 m in total, will provide a fun and fast Enduro experience for riders of all abilities.
On Sunday\'s Oak Bay bike West Bank children\'s bike day, you can get the kids out on the trail.
Kids can join some of Canada\'s top mountain bike racing riders on a guided walking tour.
The rides will be grouped by experience and ability at the junior, intermediate and advanced levels.
The festival also hosts a bicycle fair with vendors, food courts, demonstrations and family events.
Friendly activities.
This festival is free to watch. Cross-
National activities begin at 8 in the morning. m.
Saturday to 4m. Sunday.
Free registration is available for children\'s cycling days, running from 1: 30 to 2: 30. m. Sunday.
For information, visit the Victorian era. com/bear-mountain.
There\'s something suspicious.
A drop of salmon on Saturday, find out what it is
An event was held on Saturday at Suk\'s concession interpretation center.
The center is run by the Juan de Foka salmon restoration association in the Park-
Just like the surrounding environment of the waters
You can view the demonstration hatchery, operate with the permission of the Fisheries and Marine Department, and watch the fry growing in the tank.
In the fall, the small fish will be released to charter boats and the Suk River.
You can also enjoy the exhibition in the center or explore the surroundings along the river bank.
Free activities.
Start at 11. m. to 2 p. m.
The center is located at 2895 Suk River Road.
Barrier-free facilities.
Please leave your pet at home.
For more information, visit crd. bc. ca/parks.
On Sunday, at two events at the Bayanihan center in the Philippines, help celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the Victoria Philippine Canadian association.
Taste Filipino cuisine and meet with community members during a lunch serving traditional cuisine.
$12 for lunch.
Start at 11. m. to 1 p. m.
In the center, 1709 Brand Street
After lunch, you can learn about the rich history of the Philippines and its people in the song and dance performances of local Filipino community members in the story of Victoria Philippine Canadian association: 1969-2019.
There are tickets at the door.
$10 for adults and $5 for students.
The activity starts at 3. m.
Located at Dave Dunnet Community Theatre, Oak Bay High School, 2121 cadborough Bay Road.
Tickets can also be purchased in advance by calling 250-704-8311.
For more information, please call center 250-472-
Or go to bayanihan at 1898. ca.
Draw on the beard, pick up the blindfold, put on your best pirate gear and practice your best \"Arrrrgh!
\"On Friday, take your child to honor happy Roger at the Pirate Festival at the Country Club center on North Island Highway 3200. in Nanaimo. The fun-
Filled day is related to pirates, including parades, crafts, boat races, bowling, stilts and juggling actors.
The activities are free and there are free snacks.
Start at 10. m. to 2 p. m.
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