felt can add texture, warmth, fun to winter days

by:HKKYO     2019-08-17
At this time of year, texture, personality and warmth determine the most successful decoration.
The best time to feel.
This season, there are all kinds of creative decorative felt for tables and trees.
You will find it stitched, laser cut, decals or otherwise manipulated to produce the eye --
Capture stylish accessories, charming toys and sculptures and chic items for the family.
Or you can try your hand.
Make and make it yourself. (
There will be more later. )
Portland, Oregon
Designer Alison Conford offers a forest wonderland of little pumpkins, acorns, mushrooms, nests and forest animals --
Small sculptures that may add charm to the holiday table --at her Etsy. com shop, www. etsy.
Com/shop/house ofmoss.
\"Starting with a natural material that is in its original state, using a simple tool and my own hands and changing it is very precious,\" she said . \".
There\'s a guide to making felt candy sticks online, but if you\'re not cunning and still like the look, consider the delicacy of the nod --
Look at the version;
There are also round decorations or gathering layers of felt stripes.
They all look cute on the children\'s trees. www. landofnod.
Com box and barrel, laser-
Cut felt dining mat with seasonal pattern, felt ball wreath, and a series of tree decorations such as gingerbread man, Swedish-style birds and owls add a unique charm.
Putting a felt pillow with decals on a pear tree could be a welcome hostess gift. www. crateandbarrel.
Nature of felt-
Soft, soft, able to accept all colors
This is great not only for designers but also for creative enthusiasts.
\"Felt is one of my favorite materials.
This is a material that is very easy to use because unlike most fabrics it is not
The designer Jodi Levine said: \"woven so it won\'t unwrap and doesn\'t need a roll edgeat-
Great for Martha Stewart.
Tatom, Louis, Kentucky, April.
Sell felting supplies on her websitefeltorama. com.
When she decided to try to design decals clothing for children and try a variety of fabrics, \"I found nothing to match the lush texture of felt.
It just summons to be touched and adds a comfortable dimension to any project.
It does not have a \"correct\" or \"wrong\" side.
Felt toys have a wonderful touch on small fingers and visual stimulation for children of all ages.
For her own child, Tatom recently completed a set of feel \"picnic\" with luncheon meat \"--, cheese-and lettuce-
Bread, cookies for dessert.
She also reproduced a character in her son\'s favorite book from Richard Sculley\'s busy town-the humble worm.
\"Food is a popular topic for felt craftsmen, usually soft children\'s toys, but sometimes it becomes so realistic that it is promoted to something more ingenious.
Coarse yarn is a washed and combed wool with a texture similar to cotton candy, which is the basis for many carved felt creatures and items.
The fibers are pulled into strands that can be shaped and poked with fingers or needles.
This is how Etsy and many animals in the store are made;
It is easy to operate the coarse yarn without sewing. Check out www. livingfelt.
Com for supplies and kits.
Alternatively, a method called wet felt uses hot soapy water and stirring to wrap wool or other fibers so tightly that they cannot be pulled apart.
Other online sources for wool and wool
Levine said: www. purlsoho. com, www. achildsdream. com and www.
Ordinary wealth. com .
Alternatively, you may not have to buy anything at all if a common laundry accident occurs.
\"If you ever shrink a wool sweater, scarf or hat, you create the feeling,\" Levine laughed . \".
Check if there is a sweater falling off in the closet and then check the machine
Wash and dry them in a hot environment and then make the process.
Items like pillowcases, patchwork blankets and bags are on www. marthastewart. com.
In the felting community, this method of using yarn instead of coarse yarn is called \"fulling \".
\"Martha Stewart\'s website also provides instructions for making small felt glove clips, mini stockings and mouse decorations, tree skirts and gifts, and some simple children\'s projects.
Kids may also like to make animals that feel small with EK success\'s Penguin or snowman hand kit. www. eksuccess. comFor first-
Tatom provides these tips :-Invest in high-
Quality will improve over time. —
Larger cutting using a rotary cutter and small embroidery scissors for details.
The rotary cutter saves time, gives accurate results, and is also available in scallop and zigzag designs. —
Try different types of felt.
Each has benefits: recycling ecologyfelt (
Made from recycled bottles)
100% felt (rich texture), wool-blend felt (
Affordable and versatile), bamboo felt (ultra-soft). —
Do not create machines-
In the absence of a sample of the felt of the washing machine tested first, the washing-resistant item.
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