fill out your steampunk workshop with these must-have tools of the trade

by:HKKYO     2019-12-21
Say whatever you want, but steampunk is mostly a manufacturer culture.
Think about steampunk already existed from the 1960 generation, but more or less disappeared in obscurity until about 2005 years old, which is also a leap for it to clothing.
Although steampunk art has been around for years, clothing offers a leap for tangible things.
So, let\'s say you want to be a steampunk.
You can apply a variety of skills to steampunk, and I only list a few of them: each skill set has a different toolset, some of which are dedicated to the field, and some are not.
I\'m going to break down some of the necessary things.
Each different skill has tools so that if you are interested in learning one of them, you know what tools you need.
Or, if you have already done one of them, you should make sure you have everything listed below!
Most importantly, you obviously need a sewing machine.
It doesn\'t have to be as old and cool as below (
In fact, it would be better if not), but get one.
Expensive machines do make life easier, so keep in mind that if you buy a cheap machine you will get what you pay.
If you want your dress to look good, you can\'t go wrong with a serger.
It basically makes all your internal seams look good and stays tight by using the lockedge stitching.
These may be obvious to most people who do any real sewing, but here are some that you should be familiar with and you may not be aware of what you need. First, edge-stitch foot.
This foot is attached to your sewing machine and will make all your edges if used properly
Straight seam! Amazing, right?
The next step is to fold the foot or gather the foot, it will automatically make beautiful folds!
Not necessarily for a gentleman, but women\'s dresses can be easily enhanced by adding folds!
There are two other tools that look obvious, but are worth mentioning anyway.
I can\'t absolutely exaggerate the importance of having a good iron and using it in large quantities.
In fact, you should iron every shot before you sew. I\'m not joking.
I also highly recommend buying myself a good rotary knife.
Yes, they can be dangerous, yes, there is a learning curve, but they are very useful, so it makes up for that completely.
This is definitely an art form because it\'s hard to know what to buy.
Unfortunately, the tools it needs are not what I can tell you where you can buy them because they are: these are the three tools you need to save money!
Carpentry can now have some very professional, expensive tools, but in order to do something from scratch, I will turn it into the three main tools you need.
The first is a band saw.
These things are worth it in gold because you can cut out almost any shape and they are more reliable than puzzles or reciprocating saws.
Believe me, this is the way.
Next you need a fixed Sander.
These things are great. just tear a piece of wood.
I personally think they are priceless and once you have cut out a shape with the above band saw they can help you quickly turn it into the shape you want.
The last tool is something that steampunk should not be missing.
It has so many uses and is relatively cheap, so there is no excuse for not having it.
They are very dangerous in the hands of people who are not trained, but as far as I am concerned, they are almost the ultimate tool.
Of course, I\'m talking about dreemel.
I\'m going to go ahead and add another tool to this list because while it may not be specifically for carpentry, Dremel is not true either, so exactly what it is.
This is an exercise.
I assume that you have a set of drill bits, including a shovel bit and a screwdriver bit, if you have one.
You need one if you don\'t have these.
Also, if you open your box and find that your drill looks like the drill below, maybe you should return it. Just saying.
There is a special type of painting that is the best friend of Steampunk: painting.
Painting will give you a great, even a coating that can be disguised as a smooth surface of metal.
If you want to paint, the first thing you need is a well. Ventilation area.
There is such a saying on almost all spray cans, they are not joking.
If you don\'t have a well
Ventilation area, either don\'t stay in it for a long time, or wear a filter mask or both.
Next, I highly recommend using Rust-
Brand paint felt.
There\'s a lot of cheap paint out there, but I \'ve always found that their surfaces are not that good for other brands.
My favorite steampunk paint is antique brass though it\'s rusty
The felt has a variety of steam punk colors.
Believe it or not, the next thing you need to paint is sandpaper.
Before you spray paint anything, even plastic, you want to polish it with fine sandSandpaper.
If you want something to look metal or professionalmade, sand it! Trust me.
At the same time, if you have details that you can\'t spray, don\'t use the paint from the hardware store.
Don\'t do it.
Instead, go to a craft shop or hobby shop and buy some model paint.
They are expensive and small, but trust me they are much better than anything else.
The brush is usually a matter of personal preference, because the only thing that matters is the result, so buy a few and try it before trying to apply the paint to your project.
This way you can feel the style of your painting and the brush that works best for you.
The leather processing looks complicated but also easy.
You really only need a few tools.
First and foremost, you need a cut surface.
It can be almost anything, but I only used a flat piece of plywood.
Next, you need a variety of knives.
All kinds of leather
The specific cutting tools are there, but in fact, none of them work better than the cheap box cutter.
You may have difficulty in the corner, but just let some extra relaxation and reduce it later.
Once you cut the leather, do you know what makes it look very beautiful and professional?
Moaning, don\'t confuse with Grover.
Groover does exactly what it sounds like. . .
It makes a groove, it does well with the edges and looks very beautiful.
It is perfect for stitching or leaving directly
It\'s for decoration.
Next, we have the same
Important beveler, it trimmed the edge of a piece of leather to make it look beautiful and finished.
Rivets and screws look great in leather steampunk material, the best way to punch them is to use leather punch.
They are adjustable so you can make various sizes and I have seriously forgotten how many times I have used this kind of thing. So, so useful.
Finally, once you tilt the leather, this slicer is a great way to polish the edge of the leather.
It can make your edges look complete, professional so that it doesn\'t look like you cut a piece of untreated skin.
This one has different sizes so you can use it on leather of different thickness.
There are a variety of specialized tools for leather processing, but I find that these tools can at least make you do well enough and look great, but very common.
There are many kinds of stamps for decoration, and if you have an artistic tendency, you may want to try to cut the design with leather (aka tooling).
Metal processing can be very dangerous and I suggest you not to do so unless you have been trained.
Having said that, I will review some of the easier varieties of metal processing that can be done by a relatively layman.
The first metal processing tool you want is the Dremel mentioned earlier.
It has a variety of heads suitable for cutting metal.
You are more likely to change if you are steampunk
The existing metal pieces are more than you can pour your own mold, but in any case, Dremel is very useful for its cutting, grinding and polishing capabilities.
When it comes to grinding, if you\'re going to do more than just work on small details, you definitely need one of them: a bench grinder.
The bench grinder is basically a motor with two wheels that can be grinding, polishing or whatever you want, but they are very useful.
The next thing is the brazing torch (
You can find links that are cheaper than additional links).
In terms of strength, brazing is basically the next one after welding, but not as good as full brazingon welding.
In terms of danger, it is also in the middle.
Welding is not very good for anything that needs to keep the weight, but brazing can be kept well.
Just like any metal machining other than simple cutting or grinding, do it outside and wear facial protection, especially with facial hair.
Trust me, you definitely don\'t want your facial hair on fire.
If you want to do more than just copper welding, you definitely need to have classes in it.
It is very, very dangerous to use welding or pouring, so I will not even recommend tools for this, lest I encourage people who do not have proper safety or training to try.
Apart from crafting, CraftingI is not entirely sure what this is called.
Craftsmen are people who make all kinds of things, but their skills do not have an actual name.
It usually includes glue, safety pin, plastic, etc.
I will list some handmade materials that I often use that I cannot leave.
Glue is one of the things that everyone has different opinions about.
The reason is that every glue is made to do something different.
I like two kinds of glue, but I will also mention a few more.
The first is the normal old super glue.
This thing is amazing.
Almost instantly dry (
Despite having it treated for a while after that, just like all the glue)
, Perfect for a variety of uses, you can even apply super glue to close the wound if you cut it yourself. Win-win!
This should be available in every workshop. No, really.
The next glue on the menu is E-6000.
This glue is rubber.
So it\'s flexible and powerful.
Very suitable for general workmanship!
Finally, we have our epoxy family.
Epoxy has a variety of recipes that are good for different things, but epoxy is easy to be my favorite adhesive.
What I like is that it is not only dry but also hard.
This means that it is perfect for filling holes, covering things and a variety of uses.
It does not fall off when used correctly.
Some people prefer other products such as Gorilla Glue, JB Weld, etc.
In general, you should use anything you like.
I found that the three above will cover me in any case.
The next one on the production list is Sintra, one of the most useful substances ever.
Not like your craft.
Shop foam, Sintra is rigid and hard.
If you heat it, you can bend it into whatever shape you like, and when it cools it becomes that shape.
Sintra, combined with a hot gun or a pot of boiled water, can make almost any steampunk prop you want, even though it\'s especially good for armor.
You can name it, it can be cut, polished and drilled.
Believe me, you should use it.
It is combined with sanding and painting and can easily make it look like metal.
If you want to change any clothes in the store
I don\'t think I need to tell you that the safety pin is your best friend in the world.
I don\'t even include photos of them because everyone knows what they are.
What you may not know, however, is the humble Ripper.
This gadget can make it very simple to tear the seam to facilitate the replacement of the garment.
Scissors and knives can destroy your fabric, but this little guy will remove these seams without damaging the surrounding material!
The next thing I could have put it under sewing, but they were very useful for everything I thought I would have saved for making: cutting the mat.
If you don\'t want a big cut or scratch on your desk or floor, buy yourself one.
Not only will they save your surface, but good surfaces will have measurements that make them basically built in --in rulers!
To be honest, almost everything is great.
Although the tape measure is cool and useful, I personally like to use my ruler.
This is my favorite measuring device that can be used both as a surveyor and as a straight edge for cutting.
While you should really have both, it\'s more attractive than a tape measure.
Tape measurements are very valuable, but I think everyone already has them.
If you don\'t, what are you waiting? ?
Speaking of which, in this article, I assume that you already have most of the general tools in the figure below, including wrenches, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, and levelers.
No one read such an article in order to be told to \"buy kit\", so I skipped it completely.
However, for whatever reason, buy one if you don\'t.
Almost all of these tools (
Except for the classification of the wrench, including the Allen wrench)
Get a lot of use in my house. And More. . .
This article covers this, but as you get better at these skills and start expanding your abilities, more and more professional tools are needed for each skill.
In fact, there may be an article specific to the skill tool for each skill.
However, if you are an ordinary person, you will not use someone who is really professional.
So let me know if I miss anything!
If you have tools around your house, you can\'t not have them, let us know!
Which is your favorite tool?
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