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by:HKKYO     2019-12-27
Various stickers: $5 * die-cutting kit (
Include more shapes than shown): $4. 50* Paper (not shown): $1. 15* Markers (not shown): $3.
In addition to the basics, there are 75: Decorative scissors, paper punches, round knives, frame templates, rubber stamps.
Source: all materials for Sticker Planet at Santa Monica Square Mall, Santa Monica ,(310)393-
6569, catalogue :(800)557-8678.
* Decorative jungle stamps: $10.
50 * Square Card Pack: $4.
75 * corrugated carton: $4.
75 * black ink pad: $3.
50 * marking: prices are out of base Range: Hot Press printing tools, embossed powder, exotic paper, decorative scissors, watercolors.
Source: all materials of Judi-
Gold stamps provided by the stamp shop (
View Resource Guide).
Base: * pride yarn for Brown Lamb: $5.
69 * Crystal Palace cotton Sherina yarn: $5.
99 * metal hook needle hook: $2.
29 * Book: crochet in simple English (St.
Martin Press, 1988), $14.
95 Please note that the yarn in the figure does not constitute the crochet shown.
In addition to basic knowledge: Handdyed, hand-
Imported yarn;
Carved wooden hook.
Source: all materials from Wildfiber, 1453-E 14th St.
Santa Monica ,(310)458-
2748, template base: * switch board or frame Template: $7.
50 * three steel mesh brushes: $10.
50 * oil stick set: $4.
95 beyond the basics: larger templates, covered templates, Template paint, brushes of all sizes.
Source: all traditional materials from the United States, available in Michaels, Jo-
Suppliers of Ann Fabrics and Crafts, Pearl artworks and crafts or templates stores ,(800)278-
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