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by:HKKYO     2019-12-06
It\'s Thursday now, which means it\'s time for us to trade weekly and only steal exclusive discounts for \"Good Morning America\" viewers.
Today\'s installment is our baby and children\'s edition with a big discount on everything from baby clothes to playrooms to raingear, snack bags, color mats, more for the little guy in your life.
First, fine print: 1.
Use the promotional codes and links provided below for savings only on the dates listed. 2.
All transactions are available only when the supply lasts.
There will be no return or check unless specified by the retailer. 3.
Exclusive deals are only available for the items specified below.
The savings do not apply to other items on each site. 4.
Offers cannot be combined with other coupons and offers. 5.
Before ordering online, contact the retailer directly for any questions about the product, pricing, and delivery. 6.
You may encounter temporary technical problems due to large traffic.
Thank you for your patience.
To recommend me an exclusive deal, please contact me directly on Facebook. com/Tory.
If you have any difficulties getting a deal, you are welcome to email me directly through sparkandhustle. com/tv.
I will give you a reply that day. Original: $15 -
Exclusive offer: $7. 50 -
$ 2150% savings website for baby wear and basic effectiveness: 3/1/12 to 3/2/12www. littleme.
Com using the promo code gma50 gets a 50% discount on the entire small Me clothing and accessories selection from newborn to 9 months.
They never use coarse flowers, leather or anything else \"planted\"up\" material.
On the contrary, the fabric of this thread includes soft cotton, towels and velvet, as the ego believes that babies should always be comfortable, comfortable and safe and free to do what they are best at: play, sleep and thrive.
The order is over $50 and the standard shipping fee is free.
Original price: $ 17ma exclusive offer: $8.
Save 5050% on the meal mat: 3/1/12 to 3/2/12, using the promo code gma50 invented by the mother of three children who want to doodle on the meal mat.
Cultivate the inner artists of every child with these beautiful things
The designed mat is compatible with washable or dry erase marks.
The pads are free of BPA, lead, latex, phthal salts and other harmful chemicals.
Enjoy your meal time and save paper and trees.
Rinse with a damp cloth or clear water.
Color over and over again in a restaurant or home.
The standard shipping cost is $4. 99.
Original: $ 38ma Exclusive Discount: Baby and Toddler size car seat set save $ 1950% effective: 3/1/12 using promo code gma50 no need to cry for spilled milk-or worse! The mom-
The nomie baby car seat cover is comfortable, removable, washable and waterproof.
They\'re in trouble.
Free way to deal with chaos.
There is no need to remove the car seat from the car or remove any straps.
The lid simply slides onto your existing lid and when it gets dirty, just slide it down, throw it in the washer and dryer and start over.
Car seat covers the size of babies and toddlers are available in a variety of colors.
The standard shipping cost is $5. Original: $40 -
Exclusive offer: $20-$22.
Save 5050% effective in classic and Castle Theater: 3/1/12www. easyplayhouse.
Com/store/use promo code GMAThese is the only reversible playroom that serves as a children\'s arts and crafts event as well as a playroom.
The reversible design of Easy Playhouse allows children to create a place of their own with their little hands and big imagination.
It can be assembled in 5 minutes or less with only two pieces, which is easy.
Remove and fold the flat panel for easy storage and travel.
Made of recycled materials and 100% recyclable materials.
Made in America.
The standard shipping cost is $7.
99 each theater. Original: $13.
$50-$36 Exclusive Deal: $6. 75 -
$ 1850% effective for children\'s rain gear: 3/1/12ma. kidorable.
Com uses promotional code GMAPacked with imaginative details, and Kidorable is the perfect gift for everyday adventures.
There is no need for rain.
Choose a backpack, rain boots, raincoats and umbrellas from this company owned by Chicago for these eight different themed ballerinas, butterflies, Lucky Cats, dinosaurs, firefighters, frogs, bed bugs and Pirates
Husband and wife team.
The standard shipping cost is $7. 95. Original: $10 -
$18 exclusive deals: $5-
Save $ 950% effective on a wide range of children and baby products: 3/1/12www. itzyritzy. com/specials.
Php created these snacks using the promotional code GMA50A husband and wife team, which happened and reusable, and the washable snack bags are advanced fashion, FDA approved and BPA-free.
With the addition of celebrities including pink, Nicole Ricky and Jessica Alba, these are ideal trips for small hands, snacks, fruits, sandwiches, picnics, school lunches, mini first aid kits, travel, camera, travel, travel, car, airplane travel, crayons, toiletries, ipod, beach gear and more.
They are unleaded and the top of the YKK zipper keeps the crumbs, drops and contents safely inside.
Usually, the reusable snack pack has velcro, but Itzy Ritzy has a zipper that makes it possible to eat snacks quietly.
Purchase the entire site and store and save it.
The freight is $5. Original: $12 -
$16 Ma exclusive offer: $6-
Save $ 850% on diaper covers and shorts: 3/1/12www.
Monkey Bar
Com/ma using promotional code GMAMonkeybar Buddies is a series of fun, fun girls clothing essentials that can be worn under or on their own.
The deal offers bright, vibrant diaper covers and shorts that allow girls to flip, spin or simply hang out in fashion.
Shipping starts at $7.
Original: exclusive deal for $70: Size/crib save $ 3550% valid: 3/1/12www. theaquascale.
Com/ma Aqua Scale using promo code gma50 is a 3-in-
1 baby bathtub with water thermometer and digital scale.
Scales are known for parents who want to easily and accurately monitor baby growth in warm, soothing bathtubs.
The water thermometer ensures that the bath water is not too cold or too hot.
The freight is $14. 99.
Original: $20 Ma exclusive offer: $ 1050% effective for children sunglasses: 3/1/12www. babiators.
Com/shop using promotional code gmababi is a cool, fun baby pilot that can protect your baby\'s eyes from UV rays.
It\'s double phenol.
Free of charge, provides protection against UVA and medium-wave ultraviolet rays, made of soft rubber.
Babiators, available in four colors, is a fun accessory in any little guy\'s wardrobe. Shipping is $5. Original: $14 -
Exclusive deals: $7-
KidsValid\'s food container saves $ 1050%: 3/1/12 to 3/2/12 for innobaby products using promotional code gma50-in-
Provide a storage solution for out-of-town moms.
This is a great diaper bag to store, distribute and organize recipes, snacks, pacifiers, etc in a convenient unit.
End the mess with a diaper bag with a stacking and locking system, or search endlessly for the items you need. Shipping is $4. 99.
Original: $27 Ma exclusive transaction: $13.
KidsValid\'s personalized pillowcase saves 5050%: 3/1/12www. Shopping.
Personalized pillowcases using promotional code GMAThese are made of soft jersey material and machine washable.
They are lovely for toddlers, they will enter their first big kids bed and the kids will sleep for the first time here and even attend summer camp. Free shipping!
If you have any questions when accessing a transaction or you would like to suggest a transaction for future consideration, please email me directly via sparkandhustle. com/tv.
I can\'t reply to your message board comments below, but I will reply if you email me directly.
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