halloween craft kits: they scare this mom

by:HKKYO     2019-08-31
I think I can squeeze some time.
Bought some Halloween foam crafts sets with my daughter, including a haunted house.
I know I have to help my preschool kids with the foam kit, but I didn\'t realize it was like assembling Ikea furniture.
You know, all the wooden nails on the furniture, you have to assemble them with glue, and then you need six hands to assemble them.
This is similar to all interlocking foam pieces, but ironically the instructions for these furniture kits are better.
With this kit all I have to do is the picture in front and basically say to follow the \"direction\" of the picture \". Gee, thanks.
I think my background in college
The furniture assembly was useful to me, but at the time none of me repeatedly asked me on my shoulder when I could decorate it.
Once I figured out where to go, it took my daughter a long time to decorate it and it was not particularly difficult to assemble.
But I think every time she touches it, I\'m like the little pig with the straw house.
I\'m usually a very cunning person, so maybe that\'s why I can\'t help but feel like I should be doing better --
And their \"over 6\" advice.
At the end of the day, she wouldn\'t notice a slightly unbalanced roof or curved door and we had a good time --sort of.
But I\'m glad the gingerbread house still has time for vacation.
So, what is your craft? StoriesSandra is the founder of ParenthoodNJ.
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