handmade paper flowers

by:HKKYO     2019-11-21
Although paper flowers cannot replace the original ones, handmade flowers are always appreciated.
Here are some tips for making paper flowers.
The original flowers are always more popular than the artificial ones.
However, artificial flowers are ideal for those who want something for a long timelasting.
They can be made in different ways with different materials.
For this purpose, materials such as cloth, paper, plastic or clay can be used.
If you\'re looking for a low
Cost and easy access to materials, paper is the best.
Suitable for children and beginners.
It has various types such as paper towels, newspapers, wax paper, wrapping paper, wrinkle paper, etc.
Handmade paper flower making method paper flower is widely used in handmade paper flower making.
You can use bright
Colored paper, or with a choice of glitter or metal.
In order to make a tissue flower, you need the tissue paper, scissors, and Flower line of your choice (
Or pipe cleaner).
You can pack with large or small paper towels.
If you go and buy a small one, like a normal pack of eight paper towels, you have to cut it in half to make the mediumsized flowers.
In the case of large packaging, cut the paper into 8-inch squares.
Once the paper is cut, stack five to eight sheets of paper on one sheet so that the edges match perfectly.
The next step is to fold the paper together in accordion style.
Ensure uniform folds with a width of about 1 inch.
You can use scissors to cut the edges of the petals to shape the petals.
If you want a curved petal, wrap the sides together.
For pointed petals, you have to cut the edges into points.
The next step involves connecting the stems.
For this you can use a pipe cleaner or flower line.
All you have to do is pass one end of the pipe cleaner or wire through the center of the folded paper.
Once you fix the pipe cleaner/wire on the folded sheet, separate the folded layers.
Arrange paper petals in such a way that they are like an open flower.
You can experiment with different types of paper towels.
You can even change the pattern of petals.
The bigger the paper, the bigger the flower.
The same is true for the density of petals, which is proportional to the amount of paper used.
Newspaper flower newspaper is a common material that can be used to make paper flowers.
You need newspapers, scissors, paint, brushes, Green Plumbing cleaners (
Or wire and floral tape), and buttons.
Paint the newspaper in different colors.
Dry the paper.
At the same time, a container cover of different sizes but shapes is collected.
Place the lid on the cardboard (
Or any thick paper)
And trace the shape.
Cut circles of different sizes from cardboard.
Use them as templates for cutting circles from color newspapers.
You can also cut the circle from the newspaper directly with the lid.
After you\'re done, you have circles of different sizes and colors.
Break the circles a little and flatten them.
Connect the color button to one end of the pipe cleaner and fix it tightly.
Superimpose four to five circles on one so that the smallest first appears (on top).
Make sure the side of the color is facing up.
Make a small hole by stacking the center of the circle and insert the free end of the pipe cleaner into the hole.
Make sure you plug the pipe cleaner into the smallest side of the flower.
You can fix the bottom of the flower on the pipe cleaner with flower tape.
You can also replace the pipe cleaner with a flower wire covered with a flower belt.
Your handmade paper flowers are ready for display.
These are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make paper flowers.
This is also an interesting activity for children.
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