happy kids make for pleasant road trips

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Marnie Hunt, CNNCNN)--
When you start your next summer road trip, cheer up: is there a way to lower \"are we still there?
Chorus came from the back seat.
Careful packaging and planning can make getting there a part of the fun.
The mother of two Pauline Frome of the Frome travel guide said that the main thing to remember about taking children on road trips is that it will take longer.
\"The kids can\'t be in the car for eight hours in a row, you can\'t drive --
\"By eating, just stop at the gas station,\" she said . \".
\"This is the way to really spend a hell of a holiday.
CNN consulted mer and other kids.
Friendly experts make the road trip for the whole family more enjoyable.
Studying your route in advance may stop at a beautiful park or a fun attraction for kids, Frommer said.
She also urged families to stay away from the original chain of restaurants.
\"There is a great website called roadshow.
Com, which lists more authentic restaurants in the area you\'re going to visit, \"said Frome.
\"It lists clam sheds and BBQ shops, as well as really special diners along the way.
\"Frommer encourages parents to travel long distances at night or early in the morning.
\"If you can leave early or later, you can not only avoid the traffic, but also hope that the children are tired and have a rest,\" she said . \".
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you and your child rest every two hours.
It is also a good idea to get off the bus if the child is carsick.
\"The best treatment for motion sickness is to stop traveling and walking around terra firma for a while,\" said Dr.
Through e-mail.
Spuna is the director of pediatrics at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.
\"If this is not possible, it can help to look outside the car,\" he said . \".
Most pediatricians avoid using drugs to prevent carsickness in children unless they tend to go through extreme situations because these drugs are very calming, spuna said.
Inflatable board games, songs and activity books, and even plumbing cleaners can provide hours of rear seat fun.
Klutz is a company that makes creative products for children and offers a wide range of travel services
Book and craft package for themed events.
Some books contain simple crossword boards designed to be filled with words on billboards along the way, and there is a game that imitates the complete-
The tongue twister body game is called finger entanglement.
\"It\'s good if you really want to make friends with people sitting next to you,\" Klutz co-
Said founder John Cassidy.
\"A lot of families just do basic back seat battles, and the two brothers and sisters draw imaginary boundaries between the two seats, and then they fight in the next journey.
Cassidy\'s own child is a fan of the \"background story ---
Storytellers perform simple stories of a series of gestures on the back of the audience.
\"The story is accompanied by all these taps, touches, friction and collisions, and it\'s a huge blow, believe me,\" Cassidy said . \".
Encourage your child to collect souvenirs like tickets, postcards and brochures along the way and put them in a scrapbook on the way to the next stop or on the way home.
Frommer\'s now 6-year-old eldest daughter draws on her scrapbook, next to what she collected in Ireland two years ago, and writes it down to her mother\'s oral memory.
\"Even now that we see it, it reminds us of our trip there,\" Frommer said . \".
Dvd can stay in harmony during long trips.
\"I know pediatricians should frown on overwatching TV, but now,
The Dash DVD player is the latest technology to travel long distances with children, \"Spooner said via emailmail.
Audiobooks are also a great way for children to entertain, he said.
Make the most of the opportunity to reach your destination and take home the wonderful memories of the whole trip.
\"Sometimes it can be frustrating, but for the most part, we all look back on road trips with our parents and we forget the frustrating times,\" says Frommer . \".
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