have you started christmas shopping? three organised mothers have already brought and wrapped all of their presents (and one\'s started planning for next year!)

by:HKKYO     2019-08-24
While most of us are trying to ignore the few listening premium streets piled up on supermarket shelves, as well as the flashing fairy lights in the city center, some are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the festival.
So much so that they have finished all their Christmas shopping, wrapped up gifts and looked forward to a hot glass of wine.
These early Christmas birds don\'t understand why everyone doesn\'t start thinking about buying gifts and writing cards in the summer.
Even in January.
Although the good news season is still two months away, meet three annoying organized mothers who are ready for everything.
All my gifts are \"insufficient\"the-tree-
Prepare from January!
Laura Jane, 39, works in a clothing store.
She lives with her husband, Jon, in Hartwell, Northampton County, 42, a paint spray, Lacey, 7, and Lennon, 4.
\"Most people like to lie on Boxing Day and watch Christmas TV and eat the rest of the turkey for the rest of the time. Not me.
I like to finish my Christmas shopping in the next year!
At five o\'clock A. M. last December 26, I was waiting in line for the next auction.
My mom and I both have a long list of people to buy-names, ages and clothes sizes of any child on the list, ideas for a gift, and what they like.
Then, when I couldn\'t bring anything more, I bought the children\'s pajamas, underwear sets, slippers, smelting and jewelry.
Then I ran again.
\"I spent 1000, but because most things are half-priced, it\'s almost the same.
We also went to Matalan and BHS and by the end I got almost all the gifts and all the cards for this year (
Some are only 29 p).
And wrapping paper.
I want to buy a lot of Christmas gifts for 60 people.
At some point in the year, when I am already busy with Christmas parties, local events, etc, I am frantically trying to buy gifts for all of these people.
I will feel a lot of pressure to buy something I don\'t like for it . . . . . . This is terrible.
\"In December, I couldn\'t afford everything.
By doing it earlier, I can get a lovely gift with less money.
By Christmas, I had enough money to buy something to eat.
\"I have been shopping like this for 15 years.
Jon used to think I was crazy, but now, especially after we had kids, he saw how much time and money I saved and thought it made sense.
\"This year I suddenly thought of how crazy it was when I could put it on a gift and put everything in the attic, I stored 30 rolls of gifts.
\"So I didn\'t receive all my gifts. the-tree-
Preparations will also begin on January!
I just wrote my cards so even they are out of the way.
Lacey wants a bike and Lennon wants some roller skates because we haven\'t bought them yet but they have been growing but even they will be purchased and packed and hidden by December.
\"I admit that when I saw everyone running around before Christmas like a madman, I did feel a little smug.
I was relaxed in December and I was totally focused on the kids. Much nicer.
\"Buying in advance also means I can get the gift that others really want. three-year-old Emily-
Student nurse Jayne Pardoe and 31-year-old husband Richard live in Dukinfield, Manchesteryear-
The old traffic man and their three-year-old daughter, Alice.
I like Christmas very much. I like it very much.
This may be part of the reason I spend most of my time shopping this year.
So I can be excited about Christmas all year round.
\"I bought the first gift in the Boxing Day sale, usually done in September.
I then pack and write the card with October and November.
My house has been renovated by December 1 and I can sit down and enjoy the building of my favorite day.
My friends are used to it now, but when it\'s about April, I say, \"so what do you want for Christmas this year ? \"?
I have been out of trouble in the past days.
\"One year my nephew Reese loved Pokémon so much that I bought him all sorts of things when I was selling them in the summer.
He hates it by Christmas.
It all went on eBay and I went to the store.
This is the only time I bought a gift in a panic!
\"I also made a lot of gifts-I gave the kids at home crochet, embroidered blankets and quilts-so I had to give myself time to do it.
I tend to buy wool and craft packs when they are sold, otherwise I can\'t afford them.
Gifts like this mean a lot.
I like to give them, I know they will be cherished.
\"Buying in advance also means I can get the gift that others really want-it means a lot to me.
I like to put my mind and effort into what I buy.
For example, my sister\'s son wanted an electric quad bike very much.
The price of 200 is too expensive, but I took it as my mission.
Until last August, I found a website and store at an auction of 110 and snapped it up.
His face was definitely a photo last Christmas morning and was worth the time and effort.
\"I\'m very organized.
I was a little splurge on sales earlier this year, but around the 3 th I sat down to list who I was going to buy for, what I had already got, what everyone might like, etc.
Because Christmas shopping is always in my mind, I admit that I sometimes buy things and forget to add it to the list and someone even bought the same thing twice.
It\'s okay.
I either give it to someone else, save it on a birthday present, or put it on eBay.
\"I really don\'t understand why there are more people who don\'t shop like me.
It\'s so relaxing and saving you money (
I think I saved 500 on 55 gifts I bought)
Christmas is 12 months instead of one month.
For the last point alone, this is a No. brainer!
The downside is that I bought too much for some people because I forgot that my 21 year old Shannon Gill lives in LeeOn-
Thorpe and her nearly one-year-old daughter, Daisy, are together in Hampshire.
She\'s a single place-at-home mum.
\"This year, when I went on vacation in August, I had finished my Christmas shopping.
More importantly, I even have some gifts in my bag for next year-Christmas 2016!
It was the first time I had this event for Christmas and it felt great.
Don\'t run to town at the last minute, and don\'t pack me on Christmas Eve.
Most of the papers I bought in January.
\"I have so many gifts to buy and I am a single mother so I just thought it would be easier.
Also, I like bargains.
I don\'t think it\'s a big deal to buy a second-hand gift.
I went to a national delivery trust a few months ago and it was almost new sales and I had Darcey in a fantastic seat
On the bouncy zebra for £ 4, it will cost a new fortune.
I also got her Mini Mouse pull.
From the £ 3 car trunk sale, they are currently selling the car at the store for £ 20.
After taking a shower, you won\'t know how to use it.
If I see a deal in a charity store, I will go all the time as long as it is in good condition.
This is not a stingy ghost, but to be rational.
Because I gave myself time to snap up bargains instead of rushing through shopping in December, I stuck with the £ 300 cap for about 50 gifts I purchased, not getting yourself into a financial crisis is as troublesome as some people.
\"I also cut costs by looking at the local Facebook sales page and the offer site.
I paid £ 12 for a lot of beautiful Yankee candles from a local lady for the women in my family and my female friends.
They are usually 27.
I bought a family portrait for Darcy\'s godfather and printed it out for free for only £ 10. 50 from Groupon
\"It\'s also for a little bit of leadership.
I saw a marked Princess Ariel doll-no big deal but enough to make it less than the price.
I pointed out that the store gave me a 30% discount.
I\'m always looking for two people in Asda. for-
20 toy deals and ask why something is not part of the deal-they will respect it a lot.
Christmas is in your mind at all times, which means you have time to find ways to save.
The downside is that I bought too many things for some people because I have forgotten what I have.
For example, I got three of myyear-
In the sales in January, the old cousin had some Playdoh completely forgotten and bought her a bunch of Frozen storybooks.
If I was more organized in recording expenses, I could have spent less.
But I\'m not worried.
I will put them over and another child in the family will get them next Christmas.
\"I also need to be careful not to buy so much.
Since you spent a few pounds here and there, you didn\'t notice the gift piled up together.
She has about 20, but in fact, she may be more interested in the box than the toys in the box!
But to be fair, I completely changed the way I shop for Christmas.
Why no one?
I can\'t believe I \'ve never done this before.
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