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Kellene Giloff was found from her overflowing flat shoe box, vintage pop-up machine keys, floral glass paper packaging and torn shoe boxes --
Walk out of the magazine page with the enthusiasm of a child meeting a box of new crayons.
Some people think it\'s rubbish and she thinks it\'s an infinite possibility of art.
\"Look at these and smooth some copper and gold metal Godiva chocolate wrapping paper,\" she said . \".
\"I can only keep them.
It\'s so beautiful.
\"Her love for The Leftovers is understandable to readers of many craft magazines she has published since her first release of\" stamstam \'sampler \"in 1994.
Somerset studio is a two-month studio dedicated to stamping, paper crafts and calligraphy.
The inspiration for each season comes from the use of Giloff\'s own Stampington series stamps.
Belle Armoire, launched last year, is a quarter dedicated to wearable art and jewelry, and the new Legacy is another quarter based on family history and biography of heir, art magazines and quilts.
Art Doll Magazine will launch a handmade doll at the newsstand next year.
It stems from a book, Art doll chronicles, published this year by parent company Stampington, detailing the efforts of nine artists to collaborate on a series of dolls.
Although publications such as arts and crafts magazines and doll artisans have been on display at the booth for many years, 42-year-
Old Gilf presents a sophisticated sensitivity to the art of paper, reflecting the evolution from cute country teddy bears to the use of paintings, plant illustrations and hand-made pictures
Carved designs, as well as vintage photos, the Victorian ephemera and the objects found.
Recent themes include Gone With the Wind, Tuscany, circus and India.
The magazine shows the collage and combination in lush photos such as note cards, journals and shadow boxes, which not only becomes an iconic style, but also brings the arts and crafts closer.
Sitting in her office and in an inconspicuous Laguna Hills commercial park, Giloff said: \"It\'s no longer just rustic crafts . \".
\"I think we \'ve given people a new perspective on crafting.
I was talking to [when I was planning on Somerset Studios]
Multimedia artist
Rona Chumbook, we never talked about collages like the romance of paper.
When I started to stamp, there was only smooth card sheets and all of a sudden with these new sheets I was fascinated because I could tear off a handmade sheet, add it to the image I stamped and all of a sudden it\'s a new thing.
\"Giloff, a petite woman with ginger hair, seems to be moving forever even if she sits still, and she says she loves stamping ---
Business Learning--
This allowed her to start a series of rubber stamps and launch her first magazine a year later.
She worked as the sales and marketing director of a hotel in Salt Lake City, but found that the hotel was not perfect.
\"At least 20 minutes a day,\" she said, \"I\'ll sneak a note and write ideas for the business I want to start.
\"When she moved to Orange County in 1986 with her husband (hotel manager), girov started her own event --
But she was frustrated by the long hours of work and the lack of practical results.
Inspired by Alexandra Stoddard\'s book \"living a good life\", one day she stopped at a local rubber stamp shop looking for \"beautiful stationery to write beautiful letters
\"Girov was hit by a wall of stamps asking the sales staff how to use the stamps.
She walked out with $400 worth of supplies.
She fell into a crush on stamps and found something missing: not cute stamps.
Giloff found some of her favorite photos, including Victorian women and Vine wreaths, which had been adjusted by an artist, then turned them into a row of stamps. she sold them to the stamp shop.
But she\'s not satisfied.
\"I will go to a stamp shop to see all their samples, but I want more,\" she recalls.
I think there must be a way for stam to share their ideas.
\"After calculating some numbers, she realized that she could put together a full number
Color publications featuring handmade cards.
Rubberstampmadness magazine beat her on the subject, but it took a more general approach to craft.
In the first two years, she worked as the publisher, writer, editor, and artistic director, publishing \"stamperssolo\".
Giloff wanted to give more inspiration to the artisans and run an advertising magazine, setting up Somerset Studios after buying Chumbook\'s newsletter \"paper craftsman.
\"The magazine, with a circulation of £ 65,000, has driven artists like Claudia Helmut, Lynne Pereira, Nina Bagley and Michelle Ward from virtual obscurity
With the expansion of the Giloff mini empire, handmade production is also expanding. The $25. 7-billion-a-
The annual industry produces a large number of products in chain and independent craft shops and online retailers.
Craftsmen can also get rubber stamp and scrapbook meetings, teaching TV shows, craft
Theme cruises and festivals such as the Washington Arts Festival and Ohio Arts continuum.
Kat Okamoto, owner of Carson Hotel
According to the stamps of the hand rubber stamp company and the sponsors of several stamp conferences across the country, remember to see it when Somerset debuted and think, \"It\'s great.
Now, it will make people look at Stamping in a completely different way.
\"She hit it at the perfect moment,\" Okamoto said . \".
\"As different companies work in this direction, she sees what is happening in the industry.
\"Gilov doesn\'t always think so.
The lifestyle magazine eternal, launched in 2000 for women aged 55 and over, failed after three.
She thinks the timing is ripe to attract nationwide advertisers, but she still flinch when she thinks of it.
\"I have a complete folder with articles about the reasons for the failure,\" she said with a smile . \".
\"I have to read it several times.
\"Although Somerset is highly rated by many artisans, artists and professionals in the industry, magazines are sometimes considered a task because they support collage to look so much, so that magazines look the same one after another.
Giloff\'s answer is to advise readers to study each card, book, or canvas for details that make them unique.
\"After an eternal nightmare, I\'m still ready to go there and take risks,\" said Giloff . \".
\"I will have a meeting with my staff and I will say, \'You know, we should be doing a magazine. . .
Everyone is complaining because we are running too fast and just want to keep up.
\"Giloff plans to carry out more new projects, including a book similar to the Chronicle of art dolls, with a focus on collaborative art journals.
A lot of vintage images and ephemera she collects will turn into a clipart book.
Unfortunately, running her business and maintaining her family life left few opportunities for artistic efforts.
\"I don\'t have time to make crafts,\" she admits with a sigh . \".
\"I don\'t even have a craft room at home.
I have the whole drawer stuff and I want to turn them into memory books.
It is sitting there ready to set off.
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