high court rules in favour of sealegs in copyright case

by:HKKYO     2019-09-03
After the court spent millions of dollars hearing the case, Maurice bream, founder of Sealegs, believes that the high court found that the design and manufacture of the amphibious kit of the vessel he developed violated the former employee\'s
The court issued a permanent injunction against the defendant to Sealegs.
Orion Marine Corps, Darren Leyburn, smugglers Marine Corps Limited, Zhang Yunhe and David pringer-
It was also determined that costs and damages should also be paid.
\"Obviously, we are happy to have the results we are looking forward to,\" Bream, now chief technology officer of the company, told the Herald.
\"We spent about $ million in court cases, so it\'s nice to see that we can continue to pay fees and damages now,\" he said . \".
\"For the most part, time, money and distraction from the business is over and we can go back to selling seals around the world, which is a relief,\" he said . \".
Part of Air New Zealand-
Future mobile systems are listed, and amphibious kits installed on small boats are manufactured.
Starting in 2000, Bream built and tested the initial version of his design in a few years.
Orion Marine was established in 2012 by developing amphibious leg kits in mid-sized-
The same size and type of vessel that uses the Sealegs amphibious system as the large running-stream vessel.
According to court documents, the company\'s business was established by the fourth defendant Leybourne and the first defendant, Yun Zhang.
Shortly afterwards, the sixth defendant, fladan zu bcic, also left his job at Sealegs and joined Orion Marine.
Sealegs claims that Orion Marine and other defendants have violated its copyright interests as creators of original art works, which are expressed in three specific models of their craft, each is equipped with its amphibious retractable leg system.
Judge Paul Davison said in the ruling: \"I find that the content copied by the defendants is a large part of the Sealegs copyright model because they adopt and replicate the arrangement or feature model of Sealegs.
\"By doing so, they not only\" stole \"the core design concepts and features embodied in the Sealegs model, but also misappropriated it without reservation.
\"After the first adoption of the arrangement or pattern of Sealegs, the independent design work carried out by the defendant subsequently resulted in some different engineering solutions and different looks, but the basic seal pattern and composition remain, \"Justice Davidson said.
So far, the company has sold about 1300 seals, sold about 100 units a year, and sales are still growing, he said.
FMS has been acquiring assets for the past year or so.
The first acquisition was Interest on Sillinger S 70. A. S.
Completed in last August.
The company subsequently acquired Sealegs European SAS in September, giving Sealegs greater control over the sale of Sealegs processes in continental Europe and Africa.
In last October, FMS acquired lanther Industrial, which owns a range of its own-brand products primarily for marine commercial applications.
In February, FMS acquired us.
Willard Marine is headquartered in Willard Marine, specializing in the production of military and commercial boats.
According to FMS, turnover this year is $30.
3 m, $12 more.
An increase of 6 million or 71 over the previous year.
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