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by:HKKYO     2019-12-12
Wall tree you need: in the blank part of the wall, starting from the length of the arm, decorate with pencil sticky adhesive scissors of various shapes and sizes (
Up to Reach)
Make 3 vertical points on the wall with a pencil (
About 5 inch apart.
This will be the top of your tree and you will end up with a star top there.
Lean the ruler horizontally against the wall below the vertical point and make 3 points (
About 5 inch apart.
Repeat step 2 a few inches below the 3 points you just made;
These lines will become a few branches at the top of your tree.
Lean the ruler horizontally against the wall and make 6 points (
About 3 to 4 inch apart)
Below the line you have already done.
There will be smaller decorations here.
Repeat step 4 a few inches under the point you just made;
This will be the bigger and wider part of your tree.
Continue this process until the shape of the tree is formed.
Make sure the horizontal line is different in length from top to bottom to create a complete tree profile.
Place sticky hooks at the point you do (
We recommend 3m products).
Hang all kinds of decorations on the hooks, and there is a star finish on the top!
Decorate one with a variety of decorationsof-a-kind tree.
Holiday card tree you need: chicken line live gloves in paper-like large square spray paint in the desired holiday colored flower ring as the bottom of various holiday cards
Where is the crust)
Made of paper.
Place the outline of the craft paper on a square piece of shredded chicken.
Wear working gloves and cut the shredded chicken around the rounded edge with tin (aka, the crust)
Outline of craft paper.
You should now have a shredded chicken with the same outline as the craft paper.
Bend the edges of the shredded chicken together to form a cone shape.
Fix together by bending the tip edge of the chicken line to the other side.
Paint the tree in the color of any festival (we used gold)and let dry.
Make the egg roll into a wreath as the base.
Put a canopy on the chicken line.
Start cutting your holiday card to a tree with a mini dress pin.
Small Spoon of hot chocolate mixed food-the tree you need
Safe and transparent decorations bulbsMini marshmallow bitsMini chocolate chip scrub-
Edible sparkling gold paint penSmall artificial or real tree (
About 36 inch)
Mix hot chocolate with a spoon and funnel to the bottom of each ornament.
Mini cotton candy bit funnel on one floor.
A funnel with a layer of mini chocolate chips.
A layer of crushed funnel
Candy and/or sugar.
Sprinkle edible glitter on it.
Your decorations should be full now!
Write the guest\'s name on the decorations with a gold paint pen and hang it on the tree.
Your guests can take them home at the end of the party!
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