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by:HKKYO     2019-08-19
Whether it\'s Robin, rabbit or more raccoon than usual, seeing animals is a sign of spring.
So it makes sense that in this month\'s exhibition of its kind, it will be a big trend and will return to the exhibition site on March 29. The five-
Day shopping at the exhibition venue will begin on March 29 with the participation of more than 500 manufacturers, including 132 new artisans who sell a wide range of items including home decor, fashion, handmade food and children\'s items
Cute cute little animals seem to pop up on everything from home decoration accessories (such as wall art) to baby jumpsuit.
\"I just like animals and it\'s fun to add a little fantasy to my character and my own style,\" the first
Time supplier to draw ceramic cups with whimsical animal faces.
Whether you want to freshen up your home in the spring or you want to buy a list of baby showers and birthday parties, we \'ve collected a bunch of animals --
You will definitely like the theme discovery.
Moon and SparrowSandra Dumais, a Montreal artist, are inspired by their childhood and children.
Her maps, stationery and wall art were created with a combination of hand-painted, painted and collages that combine language and alphabet with images to tell stories.
Low mold craftsman Britta Evans-
Fenton and PhD candidate for biomedical engineering Adrian oaku have teamed up to create a series of pre-cut, ready-to-
Assemble paper packs to DIY your own geometric wall art.
MavisBLUE design snatalie is a graphic designer who creates digital downloads, prints and posters for home space.
Her headquarters is located in Salisbury, Salisbury.
Her geometric elephant and mother print will be a sweet gift for the new mother\'s day.
This WildAdriane Duckworth created by hand
Her original art printed children\'s clothing and accessories from Hamiltonbased studio.
The cute design is silk screen printed on cotton cloth using ecofriendly inks.
We hope they grow up. up sizes too!
Serif and GlyphIsabelle Yam draw ceramic cups in her Montreal studio.
The quirky animal faces on cups, plates and candle holders are her signature style.
Yam said that prickly Pico and unicorn Hana are very popular.
\"I just love animals and add a little fantasy to my character and my own style just for fun,\" said Yam . \".
BookhouArounna Khounnoraj and John Booth are designers in Toronto who believe in slow design.
Every piece they make is hand made including these mini pouches made of cotton/linen blended fabric, which are perfect for storing everything from keys and lip balm to children\'s pocket money.
Animal bags, $10. com.
MIMIMarja Koskela handmade a zoo of soft baby chimes, finger puppets and baby stroller toys from her home studio in North Vancouver.
The stroller toy is clipped on the stroller, the canopy of the car seat, or the handle, and is made of soft organic knitted cotton.
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