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by:HKKYO     2019-08-17
A man was beheaded in front of his partner during the test.
Drive the hovercraft he built at home. The 40-year-
When something went wrong with the engine that caused the blade to hit his head, old operated the hovercraft for the first time.
Sergeant Colin Nutter of The Waitemata Police serious crash department said that at around noon on Sunday, the man died immediately at the time of the accident, his partner and the next --
The door neighbors are watching.
The man built a hovercraft with a kite at his home in western Auckland.
Mr Nator did not know where he had bought it or whether he had experience with the hovercraft kitset.
\"He tested it there.
\"It was the first time he tried to drive it, but I\'m not sure if it was the first time he started it,\" he said . \".
\"His partner and neighbors were there at the time and they saw it.
\"The investigation is still in its early stages and an expert engineer of hovercraft is assisting the police.
\"He will come in and look at the device and tell us how he felt about how it was built and everything else --
How it failed and why it failed.
Mr Natter said anyone could build or drive a hovercraft in New Zealand.
Licenses are not required to operate them.
\"As far as we know, it is completely unregulated at this stage.
\"The only thing you can\'t do is use it on the road.
\"You need a fitness and registration permit and you will never get such a guarantee or registration.
Ashley Shaw, a former member of the New Zealand Hovercraft Club, said the ship was generally safe.
He built his own house from scratch.
\"It\'s a cake to make them.
\"I designed it myself,\" he said . \"
The hovercraft is essentially a very, very safe and simple device.
They are quite stable.
\"The New Zealand Maritime Department is assisting the police in the investigation.
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