How many people in HK Kyo Stationery R&D department?
The total number of workers of the R&D department accounts for 20% in Ningbo Haishu Qiao Stationery Co., Ltd.. R&D differs from the great majority of corporate actions since it isn't meant to yield instant profit and generally takes greater danger and an unclear return on investment. This is a type of advice to us. We've spent years creating new products or services, and enhancing existing products or services.

HK Kyo Stationery has one of the largest paper punch shapes market share in China. Various in styles, HK Kyo Stationery's craft sets can meet the needs of different customers. Appreciated by most customers, HKKYO have been deeply realized the importance of arts and crafts scissors to users. It can help children improve fine motor skills. When compared to traditional lightings, this product is greener and more eco-friendly. The reason behind this is that it doesn't contain poisonous elements like mercury. Besides, it has a reusable or recyclable characteristic. The product has the characteristic of improving the ability of hand-eye coordination.

HKKYO focuses on continuous technological innovation to improve products and services. Get info!
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