how to choose your diy projects wisely

by:HKKYO     2019-11-30
I think you might describe me as a fair person. weather do-it-yourself-er.
I like to create decoration schemes for my home and I like to improve the items that I have had to make new adjustments to them, which is unique.
But I don\'t like DIY projects with too many steps, too much professional equipment or too long time to complete.
If I\'m going to do a DIY project, it has to bring me results quickly without going to a different store to buy supplies three times.
Many people thinkit-
Your own project is too difficult or complicated or requires too much creativity.
I will use every DIY project I have done as an example of why this is not the case.
So many DIY projects have had a huge impact
It takes only a small amount of time, money or skill.
You need some basic tools and some common sense (
Or YouTube videos can teach you any simple skills! )
But the result will be items or rooms that you customize in a way that no one else will --
Not paying too much for something customized for others.
I\'m sure I won\'t take on some projects.
For example, anything involving power tools other than cordless electric drills
But I believe everyone can do the whole project with extra inspiration.
Continue reading and find inspiration in four types of DIY projects.
Paint is frightening: whether it\'s confusion or perceived time commitment or hypothetical skill levels.
However, paint is one of the most satisfying ways to transform furniture or rooms.
A few quick tips on types: high-
The gloss is the brightest, and the flat paint is matte. High-
Gloss paint is best for the bathroom, kitchen and any place where kids can draw on it with crayons as it will wipe off the best.
When your child is spraying baby food on it, matte paint is not good to wipe.
You have eggshells, satin and half in the middle.
The gloss is arranged in the ascending order of the gloss level. (
Try some sample cans before you submit a specific paint. )
Linda Duffy, made and DIY (makedoanddiy. com)
Designed the simplest mountain mural (above)
Cute and influential.
She created the mountain on her playroom wall with three gray paint and painter tape (
Check out her easy online tutorial).
Apply a base color to the wall, use masking tape to make a triangle, paint the inside of the online strip and remove the tape before the wall dries to get a clean, uniform line. Et voilà!
DIY mountain decoration.
I used a similar technique a few years ago to create a cool doubletoned hallway.
A coat of white paint, separate the walls with masking tape, and then paint the bottom half with charcoal.
Instant Transformation!
Before you walk into the home improvement store and start picking paint, you need to know some basic things.
First of all, if you make sure to use the light and keep passing back and forth, painting is the most forgiving for small items.
Second, pay attention to oil
Contrast between paint and waterbased paint. Water-
The base paint will wash off your hands and brushes with water. With oil-
Based on the paint, you need the white soul to take it away from you. Oil-
The paint also takes longer to dry.
Finally, you need to choose how much gloss you want your paint to have.
The brightest will be the high gloss, the matte will be the flat paint.
Highlight paint is best for the bathroom, kitchen and any place where kids can draw on it with crayons as it will wipe off the best.
When your child is spraying baby food on it, matte paint is not good to wipe.
You have eggshells, satin and half in the middle.
The gloss is arranged in the ascending order of the gloss level.
In order not to let the small items brush out the marks, invest fine sandpaper and use it to smooth the strokes between coats.
Using a sponge brush can also help keep the paint looking smooth.
Sample paint cans are usually enough for small items to let you know if you like the color enough to use it on a larger scale.
Paper is the unknown hero in DIY supplies.
It is simple and usually very cheap and can improve almost any flat surface.
Referring to the word \'d\'écoupage\', I can\'t even contain disdainful expressions, but break it down into gorgeous paper covered in watering --
So it\'s sealed and doesn\'t sound too outdated.
You need to see the thickness.
The paper towel is very beautiful and has a series of prints, but it is very thin and most likely transparent.
The wrapping paper can be perfect for weight and transparency, plus a perfect price point.
The easiest way to improve an object using paper is to cover a dull and flat surface, just like the back of the planepack bookcase.
Make Do and DIY Linda Duffy took a ubiquitous Ikea Billy bookcase and covered her child\'s playroom with colored wrapping paper (above).
There are two quick ways to do this: buy a can of spray glue for about five pounds and take your object outside or in a well
In the ventilated area, spray it and stick the paper to it.
Although this method is fast, it has peculiar smell.
The second option is to get the craft paint, bowl and brush and then dilute the paper with water until the consistency of the milk is reached.
Draw a coat on your object, stick it on paper, and then draw another coat on it.
There are two quick ways to stick paper to the surface.
You can pick up a can of glue spray (
Sold in the office supply department of Tesco and other stores)
About five years old, take your object outside or in a well ventilated place.
Spray a layer of adhesive on your object to make it tacky for 30 seconds.
Then put your paper on the surface, press on one side and drain the bubbles until you reach the other side.
Although this method is fast, it has peculiar smell.
The second option is to buy some process paint, a bowl and a brush, dilute the process paper with water until the consistency of the milk.
Draw a coat on your object (
Like the cardboard backing of Billy\'s bookcase)
, Stick the paper on it, and then apply another layer on it.
You can seal the paper with a spray coating of the polyurethane sealer, just make sure there is the \"no yellow\" kind on the back, otherwise you will get older --
You can see the paper soon!
Items made with fabric do not necessarily mean that you have to break your mother\'s sewing machine in order to do something beautiful.
Even if I own a sewing machine, I rarely use it, which always means re-learning how to use it.
Instead, I usually choose fabric items that involve minimal sewing (if any.
This origami lamp (far right)
Made by Corrie Beth Hogg from Apple, DIY blog (Theappleofmydiy. com)
The house built by Las (
A house built. com)
You\'ll need fabric reinforcement and some supplies that you might find in the junk drawer as well as a simple chandelier kit.
No sewing. Pom-
Poms adds a bit of energy to the mat or throw, but buy items with stylish pom
In stores, poms usually raise prices.
Zip to eBay instead (ebay. ie)
, Order a few lengths of pom-
Pom decoration, glue it to the mat with products such as liquid needles (
You can also find it on sites like eBay or Amazon).
Or order a few meters and attach it to the inside and bottom edges of simple white curtains with an iron
On the hem tape that can be bought at any fabric store.
You may associate the contact paper with the kitchen drawer that watches mom queue up during the day.
But since it has only been made with the inspection mode, it has come such a long way.
Now, you can find it in a variety of prints, ready to change the ugly things in your home.
Contact paper is a super tool in your arsenal, especially if you are renting a house because it will fall off and (typically)
No residue left.
I started using it when we stayed in an apartment with ugly tile tailgate in the apartment and fruit everywhere in the kitchen.
This is the opposite of my style and makes it particularly difficult for me to adapt to this rental.
If I had this place I might have painted it with oil
Based on tile paint, but contact paper is the solution I have lived there for years.
I bought a roll of plain white contact paper and cut it to a certain size, and then slowly peeled off the back as I covered those damn fruit corn skins on it.
It sticks for a few years and the stain disappears in a flash.
Alex Carberry, DIY blogger for internal DIYer (
Internal experts. com)
Marble contact paper covered on the coffee table (above)
, Create a durable surface that is more pleasing to the eye than the years-
Old rental completed.
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