how to decorate a luxe-looking christmas tree on a budget

by:HKKYO     2019-12-28
Thanksgiving is a great memory, so it\'s time to put down the Turkey Day decorations and start dressing up Christmas for your house.
Of course, the center of these decorations will be your Christmas tree.
Clinton Kelly
ABC\'s Chew host appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday, showing how to decorate the Christmas tree within budget using materials from local craft shops (
And the rest of your wrapping paper! )
Make decorations and a treetopper.
Decorative materials you need: clear glass decorations, water-
Paint or de-coupling medium based on glaze, paint, plastic cup. Method1.
Remove the top of the ornament and add a small amount of glaze or de-coupling medium about nickel size to the bottom. 2.
Add a large number of colored pigments to the glaze inside the ball.
Add more paint or glaze to achieve the desired look if needed. 3.
Rotate the paint to cover the inside of the glass ball and create the pattern. 4.
Turn the ball upside down and put it in a plastic cup to get the excess paint out of the decorations.
Allow to dry overnight.
If you don\'t like the design, wash it off with soapy water and start over. 5.
Replace the top and display of the trim.
The snow-bright pine material you need: Pine, paint, white flash, glue. Method1.
Spray pine nuts in the desired color. Let dry. 2.
Brush the glue at the tip of the pine, sprinkle with flash. Let dry.
Wrapping paper and ribbon ball material you need: paper scraps or smooth foam plastic balls, wrapping paper and paper scraps, ribbon, craft punch, craft paint, de-stick medium, hot glue gunMethod1.
Draw the ball in the desired color. Let dry. 2.
Punch the design by hand, with fragments of wrapping paper or thin paper. 3.
Adhere to the perforated paper design using a decoupled medium. Let dry. 4.
End with a ribbon and a bow.
Fix with hot glue. (
The ring used for suspension inserts the trim hook to bend into a ring.
Fixed with hot glue)
Personalized tree tops are the perfect end of your tree.
Play with the wood template using the letters of your family\'s last name and put it on top.
Use the Mod Podge on the wood and then add a golden flash on it.
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