How to Decorate a Tabletop With Ceramic Mosaics

by:HKKYO     2019-11-25
By decorating the old table with colored patterns made of old tiles and a little bit of mud, it is given a new life.Use broken pottery, tiles left by other projects around the house, or visit the old --building-Shop for quality sources with a small amount of cheap tiles.While time consuming, it takes only a few simple steps to make a mosaicto-Learn technology and create a beautiful functional art piece for your home.Wear safety glasses and dust shields.Cut plywood with jigsaw puzzle to match the shape and size of the table top.Using tool knives, score the top of the plywood with many criss-crossed lines to provide a rough surface to glue the tiles.Mix 1 part of white craft glue with 5 parts of water.Apply a thin layer of mixture to the top of the plywood.Sketch the design of the mosaic on the plywood with a pencil.Wrap a tile with heavy cloth, hit it with a hammer, break the tile into small pieces for mosaic.For a more precise, irregular or curved cut, use a special pliers called porcelain tile pliers to slowly erode the tiles.Lay your tiles on the plywood the way you want.Flip each tile over, apply generously to the back of the tile with tile adhesive or white craft glue, and immediately put the tile back in place.Note that equal space is maintained around each tile.Repeat until each tile is glued and placed.Let the glue dry overnight.Scoop the grout onto the spatula, smooth it on the mosaic, push the grout into the space between the tiles, and the edge of the table where the tiles and plywood meet.Make sure you fill every gap between tiles.Scrape the excess mud on the mosaic with a spatula.Wait for the mud to begin to turn into a dull color, and then scratch the surface a second time with a toothbrush or a soft rubber scraper, which is available in the pottery supply store.Immerse the sponge in a bucket of clear water and wipe it on the mosaic to remove the remaining grouting film.Connect the mosaic table top to an existing table top bracket, or go through the old table top and penetrate the plywood from below.Be careful not to screw into ceramic mosaic.Cover the edge of the desktop with small mosaic tiles.
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