how to fix a craft punch

by:HKKYO     2019-12-24
Hand punch is very useful for scrapbooks, card making and other types of paper crafts.
You can buy craft boxing in the shape of heart, flower and animal.
Unfortunately, these punches are expensive and wear out like other gadgets.
Sometimes when you try to jam the card, it will be blocked.
If you clock in, you don\'t have to throw it away.
Fix the stuck punch with some daily supplies and some little knowledge
How, then prevent them from clogging again by regular maintenance.
Swing the handle of the punch back and forth to see if it will loosen.
Don\'t try to tear the paper off because it will cause more damage.
At the bottom of the rap punch on a table or other hard surface, try to pop it up.
Put the punch in the fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
This allows the metal in the punch to shrink and loosen it.
Pour the punch over.
Try pushing the metal mold back with a screwdriver or spoon handle.
Place the tip of the screwdriver in the slot on the lower side of the punch and push until the punch is cracked.
Take off the stuck paper.
Use rubbing alcohol and lint to clean each piece of the punch separatelyfree rag.
Put them down in the order you take them apart so you can put them back together correctly.
Place the spring at the bottom of the punch.
Place the die-cutter inside the spring and then place the button and cover on top.
Align the gap in the die cutter, handle the entire part and cover/break it together.
Press the button at least 10 times without paper to loosen the new punch.
Wax the paper after every 50 punches, or if your punches start to get stuck.
This helps to lubricate the blade.
After every 100 punches, or if you are having trouble making the shape, you can flush the aluminum foil.
Use punch lubricant according to the manufacturer\'s instructions to keep the punch press in good working condition.
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