How to Make a Paper Hat

by:HKKYO     2019-11-12
You just watched the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie and really wanted a hat?So why not learn to make paper hats?You can decorate them or paint them the way you want them.How did you do it...Hats have been part of European fashion and culture since the 16 th century, and since then, as fashion trends change, hats have become a fashion accessory.There are some cooler ways to make and wear hats at home or ask for help from your parents.
Making paper hats with used cartons and newspapers has its own charm and excitement.It can help your child not get bored and who knows he might actually like to make them.They are great for art and craft projects because the kids don\'t find the task too hard, they have a lot of fun and decorate their hats with ribbons, color their paper hats and boats with paint and glitter.
Here are some simple instructions on making paper hats and how to fold them.Making newspaper hats is simple and quick.Let\'s learn to make paper hats with newspapers.
In this method, you first need to take a regular home newspaper with two sheets of paper on it, such as paper in the center or in the middle.There are two floors to do so.Fold it into a precise half so that the top edge of the newspaper touches the bottom edge.Now start folding two layered sheets from the top edge of the fold.
Now fold down every corner of the top of the folded newspaper while keeping some of the bottom newspaper spread out and the bottom edge should look like a long rectangle or scale shape.Two folded corners or two triangles should meet in the center of the newspaper.This will create the tip or tip of the hat.
Now divide the lower bands that are still visible in the newspaper layer into equal amounts of paper, so that when you put your hat on, you can put the heat between them.Then fold up a batch of paper so it covers the lower bottom edge of the newly made Triangle fold.Repeat this on the other side of the paper and your newspaper hat begins to take shape.
Now stick the left and right edges of the newly folded lower edge to the back of the hat, your hat is ready, or fold the left and right edges of the paper again and stick to the back of the hat, I think his method will make the shape of the hat smaller.Now you can put on your newspaper hat!This method is also very simple, what you need to do is take two newspapers, two each, so you need to use 4 in total.Fold and paste two newspapers to make them look like a tube that fits your head.
Now, once it fits, stick the newspaper together and keep the circumference of the head.Cut a circle larger than the circle or hole at the top of the hat and stick the circle to the top of the hat to cover the hole.You bought yourself a long rectangular hat, just like the one in Alice in Wonderland.
Now cut it into a big square so it fits your head.Stick the corners of the sheet from the outside and inside of the hat.Your birthday hat is ready and now you can decorate it as you like.
The use of paper crafts has unlimited possibilities and is a very interesting activity.Mentionedxa0There are three ways to make colored paper hat patterns that you can wear and look attractive.Now you can show off your new paper craft talents among your friends and teach them how to make them!Try our own way of making these hats, you may end up making better hats and others may want to copy and learn from you.
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