how to make paper

by:HKKYO     2019-08-26
As we know today, the Chinese are the first to make paper, although the Egyptians have the first idea of using papyrus.
In fact, the word \"paper\" comes from the word \"papyrus.
\"Paper can be traced back thousands of years. D.
105, when ET\' Allen made a piece of paper with Mulberry and old rag.
Although commercial paper has grown a lot since then, the paper you can make at home is surprisingly the same as Lun\'s artificial intelligence.
The following article describes how to make paper for your child and how to give it a beautiful relief look.
Embossed patterns of some flat objects--
Key, button or paper clip--
You are on the way to learn how to send a paper.
Paper of this era
Old technology is an interesting craft for children and adults.
Learn to make paper for stationery or art projects.
First Look for flat objects around the house and start pressing paper.
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