how to make paper bag puppets

by:HKKYO     2019-11-20
Making puppets of various items for children is a guaranteed pleasure.
Read this CraftCue article for some ideas on making them using paper bags.
Children have been associated with puppets since the earliest days.
Puppets become their best friends and become the means to inspire their children\'s imagination and ideas.
They are fascinated by puppets and interact with them.
This helps overcome certain qualities of the child, such as shyness and fear.
Using paper bags is the easiest way to make them.
The puppets made with these bags are ready in a few minutes and the children will surely love it very much.
Such activities can be carried out at school or at home with children.
Let them make different puppets and you can perform for the children\'s birthday party.
Make a story with all the puppet characters they make and ask the children to lift up the puppet on the sofa or screen.
I\'m sure they will have a fascinating experience.
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