how to make paper castles

by:HKKYO     2019-09-02
Build a paper castle for children suitable for the King or Queen!
When you create this fantasy paper craft, your work will have a few hours of fun.
What do you need: Note: help from adults is needed.
Step 1: Ask an adult
To help you cut two tubes in half with a craft knife.
Measure and Mark 1/2
Inch label at the top of each pipe segment. Cut out.
Step 2: Cut 2 pieces of cardboard into 4x11 inch and 2 pieces of cardboard into 4x8 inch.
Cut the label along the top of each piece to match the 4 turrets.
At the center of one of the longer sections cut an arch for the doorway.
Step 3: draw the shape of the brick on 4 walls and 4 turrets with a ruler and pencil.
Trace on pencil lines with brown marks, making some lines wavy to add extra detail.
Step 4: connect the turret to the wall and cut two 2-1/2-
From the bottom of each tube to an inch-up slit, the slit spacing is about 2 inch. Make two 2-1/2-
From the top of each wall to the crack in inches down, each crack is about 1/2 from the edge.
To assemble, slide the cut in the wall piece up into the cut on the tube.
Step 5: Cut 8 flag shapes from red paper.
Stick them together and divide them into two groups, with a wooden string on top between each group.
Stick each skewer to the inside of one of the tubes.
Now you are ready to imagine a variety of Castle stories and characters for your new paper castle.
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