How to Make Paper Look Old

by:HKKYO     2019-11-15
The following article suggests a variety of ways to use tea bags, coffee, lemon juice and other things in your home to make the paper look old.Read on...The old, Brown, crumpled look on the paper gives it a traditional, unique aura that will stand the test of time.A piece of paper that looks very old can be used in various ways, such as making greeting cards or scrapbooks.
This is a top choice for people who like to create some retro designs.Consider any of the options listed below.Prepare the tea as usual and take out the tea bag.Next, keep the paper that must be dyed on a flat surface.
Now, take down the tea bag and erase the paper with it.If the tea bag is dried, soak it in the tea for a period of time and repeat the process until the whole piece of paper turns yellow.Finally, put the paper aside and let it dry.
Remember to keep the weight of it, otherwise it will deform.When the paper is completely dry, it will have the perfect old light brown look you want.Another way is to make the paper look old with tea bags.
Take a light pot a little bigger than paper.Add water in the pan and soak the paper in it.Next, add 8 to 9 tea bags in the water.Continue cooking until the paper color and appearance are correct.
Start with strong coffee.
Coffee is six times more than usual.
Next, dip a flannel in your coffee.
Squeeze some coffee out of the inside and now wipe it on paper that needs to be dyed.Then put the paper in the oven for about 4 minutes.Next, wet the paper a little.Now, put a match under the paper.Put the lit matches under the newspaper until you see the burning look.
Burn the paper to make it look old.
Put the paper on the candle flame.
Make sure there is at least 1 inch difference between paper and flame, otherwise it may catch fire.Move the paper back and forth on the flame.This method brings a dark, damaged look to the paper.
To make the paper look more attractive, wet its edge a little and burn it off with a lighter.Please make sure the edges are not on fire.Take a lemon juice.Next, apply this lemon juice on the paper that needs to be dyed.
Take a hot gun and heat the paper with it.The newspaper will soon take on the old brown look.Keep heating if you want a darker color.Take the paper down and knead it into a ball.
Next, flatten it and squander it.
Repeat the same process a few more times.
Finally, take an iron and flatten the paper.In this way, this piece of paper presents a unique old crumpled look.Before I sign, the last suggestion about this paper craft activity is --Don\'t get frustrated if you initially don\'t get a satisfactory result with these methods.
Keep practicing until you get the desired effect on the paper you want!
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