how to make paper roses

by:HKKYO     2019-11-22
Want to know how to make paper roses?
Here are some ideas and steps for making cute paper roses.
Rose is the best way to express your feelings.
Roses can be a unique way to hope for someone.
Although fresh roses have their own charm, the most cherished is fake roses.
If you are one of those who like to give away a bouquet of roses or roses that will be made up of paper roses and if kept properly it will always exist then you are on that page on the right
These roses may lack the elegant scent of real roses, but they look very beautiful.
There are paper or fabric roses in the craft shop and you can buy and give them directly.
But if you want to make such a lovely rose yourself and give it to them, here\'s how to make paper roses with paper towels, wrinkled paper and construction paper.
You will need wrinkle paper, cardboard paper, green floral tape, clear tape, card paper, scissors, pencils and 16-gauge or 18-
Flower wire.
Step 1: draw a square on the cardboard and bend its corner into a petal shape.
One corner is the bottom, extending 2 inch narrow rectangles from the bottom to paste 3 different sizes and 4-6 nos.
Flower lines of each size.
Put them on the wrinkled paper and cut the Shape neatly.
Make sure the paper ridges of each petal extend from top to bottom.
Step 2: Now, draw the shape of the rose leaf on the cardboard.
Also, expand the stub at the bottom.
Make sure the size is right and fit the size of the rose.
Take a green crepe paper and trace the shape of the leaf on it.
Make sure that the ridge of the wrinkled paper extends along the width of the leaf. Make 3-
4 leaves of 1 rose and cut properly.
Step 3: Take the flower line now.
Take a small petal and stick its stub to it.
Take a small petal, wrap it on the wire next to the previous petal, and overlap a little.
Continue to paste the petals in ascending order of size, so that the large petals become the outermost petals.
Step 4: now put the leaf tape on the wire.
Put them perfectly on the wire.
Now pick up the green floral tape, start packing from the bottom of the wire, go up and finish at the bottom of the petals.
You can curl slightly outward and the tip of the petal makes it look more natural.
A beautiful rose is ready.
With building paper, you can cut by simply replacing the cardboard with building paper
Take it out of the petals and leaves as needed, and then follow steps 3 and 4 to prepare a strong Rose.
You need 4x4inch or larger 8 square paper towels, cardboard, green floral tape, clear tape, card paper, scissors, pencils and 16-gauge or 18-
Flower wire.
Step 1: Take 3 paper towels at a time and bypass the corner.
Take 3 more now and make them smaller than before, don\'t forget to get around the corner.
Now take two more sheets of paper and make them the smallest in a similar way.
So you have 3 sets of different sizes.
Now put them together in ascending order of size.
Step 2: hold these layers in your hands and poke a finger at its center.
Hold it from the outside with another hand, squeeze the bottom to make it tight.
Now hold this squeezed area with transparent tape.
Step 3: tape the wire of the flower shop to the bottom of the flower.
Cut the leaves now.
Take it out of the cardboard and stick it on the wire.
Now twist the flower line from the bottom to the top to complete the program.
So you will realize that the answer to your question is not difficult at all.
Get all the materials ready and start following these simple steps to make a classic rose.
You can make many roses of the same color and fix them together to get a bouquet that looks very beautiful.
Explore your creativity, try new ideas and changes, and prepare amazing roses.
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