how to make papercraft mermaid pagemarkers for filofax

by:HKKYO     2019-12-17
The first step is to collect your tools!
You need: mixed media art paper pencil eraser ink pen mark color pencil/pencil crayons craft paper scissors hole punch anything you want to use!
The first step is to trace your page marks to a piece of art paper (
I am using canson XL mixed media).
This will serve as a size guide and help you to add holes later.
The second step is to draw your basic body and overlap the ruler a little.
I\'m using a normal mechanical pencil, but this needs to be erased later, so use something softer if you have a problem with a mechanical pencil.
Enrich the role using the details in the reference material.
In this case, I am looking at the photo of the shark, which is a photo of the FiloRaks member.
Add ink to the work you intend to color and anything in these areas.
I use Staedtler paint lining in 0. 1 and 0. 3.
Add the color to the area you signed.
The theme is pale in this case, so I only added a marker base to her eyes. (
Mark with Prismacolor)
Color and color the exposed skin area.
Remember to add notable features like freckles, tattoos and makeup.
I use the soft pencil and silverware of Stetler mchorn as jewelry.
Tip: replacing ink with a black pencil is a less demanding look.
Cut off your character and keep the ruler intact as much as possible.
If there are small pieces, cut them carefully with a craft knife.
If you don\'t have a cutting pad, use the back of a magazine or phone book to prevent damage to your desk.
Keep your ruler and choose all kinds of craft paper.
I use origami paper and decorative paper towels, but card paper and magazine pages are also great!
Track your first shape on the back of the craft paper.
Cut it and check if it is appropriate.
Trim for shape and re-inspection.
Stick the craft paper to the drawing with tape.
Mine is from the dollar store. Repeat steps 9-
Until all areas are covered.
Because I didn\'t like the look of this paper, I did my hair with some Indian ink.
Complete the details.
I matched her top with a polkadot pattern and silver rope with silver sharpie to highlight her hair and eyes with white ink.
Position a piece of paper with your ruler cut to punch holes. Glue it down.
At this point, the back of your painting will look a bit dirty.
If you mind, cover it with paper and cut it off again.
Send your drawing twice through the laminating machine.
Cut the drawings and leave a little room.
Attach a paper of the size of the document to the note on the side of the drawing. Punch holes.
After punching, send it again through the laminating machine.
Then cut the crack on the hole.
You are ready to use your pagemarker!
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