how to make tissue paper pom poms

by:HKKYO     2019-11-25
The Pom poms are hung on the ceiling like a soft glow that dazzles the entire room.
They look like they are floating in the air and have the ability to unify everything in the room.
Make the Pom Poms come together in a bunch of vibrant colors, sizes, and heights to create a more vivid atmosphere immediately for any event.
In addition to using it as a decoration for a party, you can also use them at work to decorate your cubicle, or place them on a wrapped gift and add them to your decor
Here are the simple steps to how to make a poms.
You need: 9 paper towels (20 X 25 inches)
36 inch pieces of string1 snow Neil stemthumbtacksors step month sit month paper towel sheets in different colors.
Stack them together or use them alternately in similar colors.
Step 2: Fold all layers together in accordion style. 5 inches wide.
Step 3: Gently wrap the snall stem around the center of the folded paper towel.
Just twist it.
Step 4: 36 inch of the rope will wrap around the snall stem by placing it under snall and fixing it into knots.
Step 5: wrap snow Neil on a paper towel until it is properly wrapped.
Step 6: Trim the edges of the paper towel to a round or pointed shape with scissors.
Step 7: place the paper towel on the table and gently separate each layer.
Do it one by one so you don\'t rip or rip the pom poms.
Step 8: now it can be hung from the ceiling.
They are always hung with pushpins.
After the party, you can use it to decorate the girl\'s room.
Hang them on the ceiling or by the bed and they will definitely give the whole room a feminine feel.
You can also use colors to celebrate according to holidays or festivals.
Example: July 4-
Red, white and blue.
Patrick\'s Day-
Red and Green remember that the width of the tissue determines how big or small your pom poms are.
Now you already know how these beautiful pom poms are a cheap way to decorate anything.
Try one for yourself at the next party and capture the expression on the guest\'s face.
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