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by:HKKYO     2019-08-18
Scrapbooks provide a visually compelling way to record the people, places, and times of our lives.
It\'s the craft sweeping the country!
These fun scrapbook projects will get you started.
Scrapbook is the current craft, and it\'s not surprising why.
Simple and affordable, this is a great way to classify you in a creative, fun way.
There is no need to provide photos specifically for scrapbooks;
In fact, you can include almost any item, especially if it depicts a vivid picture of the past.
Sorting out hundreds of photos can be a daunting task, but it\'s not that hard.
Start with acid
Free photos and sharers, photo albums and scrapbooks.
You can also buy acid-
Free marks and envelopes.
Organize digital photos on CD.
Start an easy-to-maintain system for your photos.
Place the photo in a box marked with the following five categories: Gift (
Photos for relatives and friends), throw away (Unwanted photos)
To be scrapped (
For Scrapbook)
To save, to classify (
When you develop a movie, a box with unclassified photos).
Collect your scrapbook materials together (
Please see \"scrapbook supplier\" below \").
Select the paper or card to use as the foundation of the project.
Be sure to choose colors that complement your photos or items.
Working from the basics is usually the easiest, so be sure to start with the background element.
Place photos or items on the background and add more items, such as stickers or paper, until the desired results are achieved.
Don\'t be afraid to crop photos in order to create a better composition (
Please use a color copy if you do not want to cut the photo).
Avoid placing adhesive in the center when pasting photos and paper, as it can distort the surface and create a crater.
Try the new invisible tape, which is very sticky and barely displayed behind pure paper.
The tape also has different strength-permanent and non-permanent
Permanent-this is great for repositioning.
Avoid the use of magnetic pages as the glue destroys the photos over time.
Fluctuations in light, humidity and temperature also affect the photos.
To increase the life of your work, make sure you use acid
Free paper and adhesive.
It\'s also wise to use photossafe paper.
You can copy newspaper articles or documents and put them in storage.
If you show the original, neutralize the acid on the surface of the paper with the Archive fog and put them into the archive
High quality protective case, preferably made of polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester (avoid PVC).
In the supermarket, you can find all kinds of scrapbooks in the news.
Agents, crafts and department stores.
Create a 3-
D. The effect is to increase the depth by installing items on balsa wood.
Balsa wood is available from hardware stores, newspapers and crafts stores.
Thick cardboard or foam can also be used.
You also need a box frame that can be bought from the craft shop.
Start with the lights-
Blue card holder, and add picture paper and clear blue paper.
Paste the ribbon on the connection of the pattern panel. Hand-
Stitch along the edge of the transparent paper.
Cut the shape of a fish from the transparent paper and attach to the lightblue panel.
Install the photo on the thick card, 1 cm
Thick balsa wood adds depth and then sticks to the basis of the layout. Add stickers (
Our Rod, Hook and bag are in a fishing sticker bag)
Label cut with clear blue paper
To make \"top dog\", start with sand
Texture card seat.
Cut a grass strip from the green card and board balsa wood.
Put some stickers on the card and balsa wood and stick to the base.
Use the rubber stamp to add a paw print along the top of the layout.
Not sure if you want to delve into the world of abandoned test waters with the project kit.
The online store offers a complete kit to get you started.
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