how to use a craft punch in the middle of a page

by:HKKYO     2019-12-16
Hand punch is a popular tool among paper workers because of their versatility and the ability to quickly add interest and detail to cards, scrapbook pages and other craft projects.
The craft punch has various shapes and sizes and is usually used to cut shapes quickly and cleanly from paper.
Most craft punches are short and are designed to cut shapes and designs from the edge of the paper.
You can create the illusion of punching in the middle of the page using regular punching, or you can use long-
To clock in the process.
Select your background file.
Use the second piece of the same paper and cut a square large enough to hold your punch.
Slide the paper of the small square into your hole punch.
Check your location carefully.
Put the punch and paper on the table.
Press the punch Rod hard and cut the shape from the paper.
Cut out another square from the coordination paper of your choice.
This scrap should be as big as the first square paper.
Stick the coordination paper to the workpiece with a punch shape.
The coordination section will be displayed through the punch area.
Design your page and determine where you want to use punch holes.
Mark the place on the paper with a pencil where you want to punch by hand.
Watch out for long-
Reach the craft punch on the paper and position the cut area on the area you want to punch.
Carefully check the placement;
Once you type the shape on paper, you can\'t move it.
Place the punch and paper on the table and press the punch Rod hard.
Make sure your hand is not under the punch because the cut surface is very sharp and will hurt you.
Remove the paper from the punching machine.
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