inside this year’s uk rock paper scissors championship

by:HKKYO     2019-12-11
Duton du. . . Dutton du.
About 100 people shouted at the Imperial Parade.
No, we\'re not at the Star Wars conference (
Interesting like that).
We were at the Scissors Stone Championship in England, and Darth Vader was waving his lightsaber through the crowd, and it was his turn.
He threw it out with a pair of scissors and confidently with a hand wearing black gloves, realizing glory.
Sadly, Darth Vida was eliminated in the second game and he did not return home with a £ 100 prize, a bottle of champagne and a trophy.
But his performance largely sums up the joy of rock, newspaper, Scissors champions.
Held downstairs at the bank\'s Wetherspoons, the champion is a strange combination of fierce competition, fast
Complete the game in a few seconds, ridiculous costumes (
Encourage you to abandon your competitors)
And drunk cheers. It’s brilliant.
Natalie, 34, and John, 29, are number one.
Time competitors
Natalie booked the championship for them as John\'s \"fun, quirky date \".
Natalie told us that John was very competitive and I wanted to take him down one or two because John confirmed that they were \"absolutely\" competing with each other.
They are confident in their chances.
\"My technology is that there is no technology,\" John explained . \"
\"They won\'t see it coming because I won\'t see it coming.
\"This room is packed with a bunch of losers,\" Natalie\'s chip . \".
Before the first round was eliminated, John added, \"I will not go home with anything less than the first round . \".
Not everyone is new here. 43-year-
Old Paul, who is Superman, will be here for his eighth Rock Scissors Championship.
He has never won, but this year he has \"put in a lot of training\" and is ready to take the trophy home.
Superman refused to tell us his secret technology.
This became a theme for the whole evening)
But it does reveal that \"it\'s all about skills, training and dedication,\" he added \".
Superman has come down to compete with Darth Vader . . . . . . Because he was dressed up as dais Vida.
\'I don\'t know why I\'m here,\' said Darth.
Superman was eliminated very early, but Darth entered the top eight and was finally defeated because the crowd shouted at him at the same time and accused him of playing intellectual games.
The rules do not rule out any form of intellectual games if you want to know.
Psychological deception and distracting clothing play an important role in people\'s winning plans.
Even Superman was intimidated by a woman named Emma, dressed in stone, and two of her friends, dressed in paper and scissors.
Emma told us that I\'m Emma, rock.
\"I\'m here to win.
I have been learning, I have been training, I have been studying statistical opportunities for what to do and how to win.
She is confident in her chances.
The rules are simple.
Each player stands on either side of the table, by a referee (
Who will give up the yellow card or the red card altogether if someone is acting improperly).
They shake hands, then count one, count two, and then cast their actions to three.
As usual, Stone is more than scissors, scissors than paper, paper than stone.
No other action will be recognized, such as heavy rain, grenades, lizards or spook.
In addition to the main competitors in the area, people can challenge anyone they see to quickly Rock, Paper, Scissors duels, bet coupons and see who will win.
Whoever ends the night with the most coupons will win £ 25.
Competitors are encouraged to confuse everyone with ridicule, costumes, or words about what they intend to throw, in order to scare their enemies.
I think this played an important role in the final two games.
Things have been tense for the past 15 minutes.
A man dressed as shag (
His friends dressed up as Scooby and Velma)
Playing against Robert.
Shaji was an aggressive opponent all night.
As he walked into the area, he heard the increasingly loud slogan \"Shaji is a w * er and Shaji is a w.
He joined and replaced his former. game speech.
The last round is the best of the five, not the best of the three.
This makes things more tense.
The first time he won, Robert threw paper when he threw a stone.
Robert and shage threw stones.
They all throw paper.
Robert threw scissors and shag threw stones.
They all throw scissors.
Robert threw rocks and shage threw paper.
So Shaggy was awarded the British rock scissors champion.
Shaji took off his huge fluffy wig and hugged his opponent and told us that I was shocked that I won.
\"It just shows that you don\'t need so many skills.
Shaji received a prize of £ 100 and announced that he would donate the prize to the charity and accept his trophy.
He left the arena, sang the slogan \"shag, shag\" and headed for the honor of being able to proudly announce him as the British rock scissors champion.
Next year anyway.
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