jessica biel doesn\'t care if you call her snotty for her kid-friendly restaurant au fudge

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The chicken nuggets got her in.
Or cheese pizza?
She doesn\'t remember, but in any case: it\'s all food for the children\'s birthday party.
Her son is severely allergic so he can\'t eat anything.
\"I was destroyed,\" recalls celebrity fashion designer and interior designer Esther Stanley . \".
\"All they gave me was a choice?
In the era of human whole food?
I almost had a panic attack.
I think, \'I can\'t do that.
This is terrible.
It has no nutrition.
The children ran around like crazy people.
\"She went to vent to Kimberly Mueller, her closest friend.
She knew that Mueller, the author of children\'s books, hated it. called kid-
Friendly Restaurants, prefer to meet moms at Thomas Keller\'s expensive French restaurant, Bouchon, watching her children frolic in the neighboring Beverly cannon garden.
\"In every place that is relevant to the child, the children are very happy and the parents are very painful,\" Mueller said . \".
\"What we\'re looking for is a place that doesn\'t exist.
So they turned to Jessica bill.
The actress has been busy with healthy baking for several years, incorporating vegetables into the recipe, trying to make a delicious vegetarian choice.
Her work is delicious but looks bad, so she is considering starting a company called Ugly Cake Company.
\"Instead, she teamed up with Stanley and Mueller to create Au Fudge, a restaurant, the food there --even the grass-
Beef Burger and grilled cheese-
It\'s organic. Natural Dyefree.
There\'s an anthropology.
Furniture has creative space where children can play under the supervision of the au pairs hired by the restaurant.
There are also whimsical things like an indoor tree house and a shelf with a secret door.
There is also a market filled with custom candy necklaces and petal scraps from Paris.
Biel is the latest actress to do business outside Hollywood after becoming a mother. (She has a 10-
A month-old son of her husband Justin Timberlake. )
Lifestyle brand Goop recently launched its own beauty product line Gwyneth Paltrow, which this month said on today\'s show that she is resting, because she felt she had the financial responsibility to pay attention to the company for Goop investors.
Drew Barrymore, who also has her own cosmetics collection, says her acting characters will be \"very few\" before her two daughters grow up \".
Cooperate with Honest Company
Founder Jessica Alba, whose non-toxic home products brand is worth more than $1 billion, is busy running her own business and has never played a major role in a movie since 2014
Of course there is business --
There are thoughtful actresses in the film, including Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson.
Biel, who became famous in WB\'s seventh heaven, says she intends to follow this track.
Even though she spent most of last year acting and focusing on raising children, she has three 2016 movies in production, including the devil and the deep blue sea, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival on April.
Stanley wore long clothes for the red carpet and also designed the interior of her home, initially thinking the actress might be interested in providing baked goods for Au Fudge.
\"But I\'m not a baker, really.
\"I don\'t know what I\'m doing,\" Biel said . \".
\"So I focused on helping to be a part of nutrients . . . . . . Here.
I hope it\'s like our \"cheers.
We want a local attraction.
\"Before the opening of Au Fudge this month, Biel and Stanley and Muller were on a corner table at the restaurant.
They coordinated their outfits: three gorgeous soft flower suits that made them look like sisters in Virgin suicide.
\"We are wearing Zimmerman,\" Stanley said . \" He refers to the Australian designer.
\"Are you sure we\'re wearing Zimmerman?
\"When the news of Au Fudge first leaked in 2014, the media was not friendly.
Page 6 describes the project as an elite \"Soho home for children\", a \"-
It will be very comfortable to bring your children here.
\"In fact, special measures have been taken for celebrities such as Emily Blunt, Rachel Zoe and Lydia Michelle, who have already visited the venue, located in the fashionable section of Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood.
Because its location is close to the paparazzi hot spot Craig, Au Fudge has attracted star onlookers.
Therefore, the main restaurant in the restaurant has curtains, which can be drawn when necessary, and if the blinds are too close, there are large blinds on the patio that will close.
But unlike Soho House, Au Fudge is open to the public.
There is no membership fee, although it takes $15 to leave your child an au pair for two hours.
Still, Biel seems to be reserved for the unpleasant ideas of the restaurant.
You can call me snotty.
You can call me elite.
Whatever you want, says Biel.
\"We offer a space to eat and make you feel comfortable and confident that your child is not filled with hormones and chemicals.
You can come here and know it\'s safe for your child to crawl on the floor as the cleaning floor we use is safe.
You can come in and know that we are doing everything we can to maintain sustainable development in energy and waste.
If we are a shameless person or an elite, I think we are OK.
\"The important thing is that Au Fudge is more than just one --in-L. A.
The same is true of the vanity project for economic reasons.
Biel thinks the idea is long term. term play —
The kind of place that can have a place nationwide
That\'s why she brought in partners Jonathan rolow and Joey Gonzalez.
Luo is the founder of the green leaf gourmet shop, Gonzalez is the CEO of Barry training camp;
They are also a married couple. (Australia-
Monica Sanders. Weinberg, co-
The chairman of Terrace Tower is also a partner in the restaurant. )
\"We want to make this country a part of the community,\" Biel said . \".
\"This should be where the family has been going. Like airports!
\"I think everyone is starting to understand that you got what you paid for,\" added Luo, who joined the conversation halfway.
\"When you can build yourself into a trusted brand --
What we are doing is
People will be more willing to accept the price.
We\'re not here to dig people.
We are not going to pay the money back in six months.
The idea is more than just a small one. off anything. This is a long-
Our term competition.
Stanley joked: \"You can find me in Italy or in the House of Hamps . \" He was referring to the Hamptons. (
Luo said he had made requests for open locations in London and Dubai. )
In order to start the brand extension, Mueller wrote a children\'s book called The Story of Au Fudge, which contains some characters, including a unicorn named Creme Brulee, specimens from artificial specimens (
Paris, where else? )
Installed on the wall of the restaurant.
Other facilities include an old one.
Photo booths and arcade games.
Special craft kit for children to make kaleidoscope, snowball or kite.
\"You actually want to hang beautiful craft items on the wall,\" Mueller explains . \".
\"We also have classes.
At dinner, maybe the kids are making bread and the au pairs will put it in the oven, so when you leave you will leave with fresh bread until the morning.
\"There is a reason why this is called creative space,\" Stanley added . \" He said they received more than 1,100 resumes for the au pair position.
\"There\'s nothing like plastic balls and jungle gyms.
It makes the kids loud and we don\'t create space for it.
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