Khoj Studios Presents Two Artist-Show

by:HKKYO     2020-06-05
New Delhi: Khoj Studios presents Intimate Architectures: Materials at Play - a show of art works exploring the connection between material and space by Gabi Schillig (Germany) and Masooma Syed (Pakistan/India) that also been created during a month long residency at Khoj Studios. The work will be displayed at Khoj Studios, S-17, Khirkee Extension, New Delhi from September 28 till October 5, 2011. Since is an integral part of her art practice, Gabi Schillig has been working with cloth as her material, especially felt (a thick woollen cloth), to create three dimensional garment-like installations that have an ability to activate with a person's body additionally straddle architecture, textile design, performance and conceptual very good. 'This is my first time inIndia in addition to Khoj. Since i have have been trained with regard to architect, my work is about creating an interaction between public space, people and also the material that i work in,' she expresses. For her project at Khoj, Gabi has chosen to work with pieces of chanderi cloth, in various colours and sizes. Using geometrical patterns, reminiscent of her architectural training, Gabi is folding and pleating the cloth pieces in a multi-layered manner, and then stitching it into a 4 metre by 4 metre installation piece with the help of a local custom. The work will be suspended previously courtyard of Khoj Studios in a way to that enables people to barter their way through the work, relate with it, hide inside it, and operate it for a garment if one so choices. 'The work is very minimalistic with only one colour upon the outside but various hues on the inside of hard. I used chanderi because I wanted to along with a material that is Indian likewise because of its transparency. One can see outside world from the inside the installation and view what is occurring inside it from the.' While Gabi is working with textiles because 'they can adapt and change', she connects her work to her architectural responses as well. 'I feel that buildings globe are totally out of scale. The material is to generate a something which people can interact both when it comes of scale and textile.' Masooma Syed, on another hand, is working an issue concept of fabric that for you to her from public spaces. During her residency at Khoj, she's got collected hordes of found material both from bustling market places and sometimes, even from the outside temples - amulets, figurines of gods and goddesses, discarded beer bottle caps, velvet cloth, medicine tablets to name some - may all agree to showcase her current fascination together with concept of 'vanity'. 'I have been working with jewellery, although of one more kind - using hair, fingernails, tamarind seeds and scrap metal, for a bit now.But from your local neighborhood mere decorative art, ornament of utility, a decoration used to wear parts within your building, body or object; it can be a strong vehicle for communication. It has embedded story of a society and its politics we live in, along using its functional wear-ability. It also makes structural references to sculpture and architecture. From the evolved entirely of 'adornment' that then took me to would like to of 'vanity'. I visited several market spaces where everything and anything acquired - all for the sake of satisfying one's vanity,' she says. For the project at Khoj, to your abode making bits of jewellery in found material, she one more converting a steel trunk into a kind of vanity box covered with velvet cloth and fancy laces. About the Artists: Gabi Schillig (born 1977, Germany), she studied Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Coburg and completed her postgraduate studies in Conceptual Design with distinction in the Stadelschule in Frankfurt. She worked for several architectural studios in Berlin, Sydney, Frankfurt and Coburg before establishing her own research and artistic practice in Berlin. Since 2007 she is teaching in the Berlin University of the arts at the Institute for Transmedia Theme. Gabi Schillig lives and works inBerlin. Masooma Syed Born and brought up inLahore,Pakistan, Masooma Syed studied painting and later studied MA in Visual Arts from National College of Arts,Lahore. Since then she been recently involved in studio practice, and has exhibited inPakistanand abroad, going to several artists residencies and workshops. Masooma has also taught art in various art institutes namely The nation's College of Arts, Lahore; Beaconhouse National University, Lahore; Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi; as well as School of Art and Design, Kathmandu University, Nepal and Manchester Metropolitan University, Great britain. Some landmark exhibitions for Masooma were her first solo show at Rohtas Gallery Islamabad, and Art Space 'University New SouthWaleswhile she was on the Commonwealth Crafts and arts Fellowship inSydney, 1997-1998. She lives and works between Lahore and New Delhi.
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