kids’ santhai

by:HKKYO     2019-08-31
It was an important day for the 11 th grade student Anirudh and his friends.
In public schools in India, they set up stalls in the children\'s Santai restaurant, which is a book trademark.
Anirudh said with a smile: \"We feel that we have grown up, talked to customers and collected money to cook . \" He is a big fan of junior chefs.
Frangipani, in collaboration with the library and event center of the book trademark, hosted the children\'s first exclusive fleamarket named Carnivale Pink and Blue for Coimbatore.
The quiet library turned into an open space with noisy children eating cupcakes and chocolates all over the place.
There are colorful temporary stalls selling fashionable stationery, children\'s furniture, aromatic sandwiches and pastries.
Pragathee\'s stand is popular selling Butter Scotch whisky, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.
This santhai has always been very special to her, saying Pragathee.
\"This is my first exhibition.
Also, you spend time with your children.
Unlike other exhibitions, it is warmer and less commercially meaningful, \"said college students.
Kids love accessories stalls where they can choose from trendy colorful fridge magnets, bags and pencils that include their favorite cartoon characters such as Spider-Man, Winnie the Pooh and Little
Simran from Amaya said
Your own craft bag has always been sold like a hot cake.
\"Interest in the craft of the children\'s opponents suddenly surged.
They would rather not buy these gadgets.
\"The highlight of Saranya Rajan\'s booth is quirky personalised items such as accessory organizers, sticky notes, luggage locks.
Saranya said she started her business after giving birth to her own child.
\"When I think of the idea of starting this adventure, I am looking for something for my children.
The market for children is growing.
\"The children are very specific about what they want,\" Saranya said . \".
Her brand is Starlet, which operates through Facebook.
Children\'s jewelry and clothes are available here, including guitar pendants for children, baby clothes, kurtis and skirts.
A collection of illustrated books attracted bookworms who chose to read quietly.
Later in the evening, Helen Grady\'s drama academy team visited the children along with Nepalese drama director Bisharad Basnet.
They rushed into the building in clown clothes.
With the happy and colorful end of the day, the children, vendors and parents laughed at the antics of the actors.
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