knitting kits for beginners

by:HKKYO     2019-08-25
If you are interested in knitting, then you need to know that there are more than needles and yarn.
Every serious migrant worker should have a basic woven sleeve.
I will show you what\'s in my knit bag.
So let\'s start. -
I have two so far.
One is a small bag of scarves, hats, socks and other items.
The other is big items like sweaters and blankets.
Since you may only weave small items in the first place, I suggest you start with a small project package. -
You don\'t need anything fancy, just a basic tape measure.
Some patterns will tell you a certain inch.
For example: it is not until your scarf reaches 35 inch that you start knitting. -
This little guy is my life saver.
Every time you finish a line, just twist it to the next number.
I can\'t tell you how many times I \'ve lost my reliance on my team and realize I\'m not keeping up.
Of course, you can count your number of rows, but it\'s hard to understand if you\'re a beginner. -
In the past, I used this when I was doing some projects at the same time and they needed the same needle.
It\'s kind of like a huge safety pin.
You can use this when you want to continue with another item or do not want to leave the needle on the needle.
Just transfer each shot to the needle rack and fasten it.
You don\'t have to worry about the stitches falling off. -
Again, these don\'t need to be fancy.
They only need to be sharp enough to cut the yarn.
I know a lot of big scissors will become dull and won\'t even cut butter, so just make sure they are sharp enough. -
These are used to weave ends and can also help with life lines.
You want to make sure you get a big one so that the yarn fits the eye of the needle.
I use this for every project. -
You will use this to measure your stitching per inch.
You will usually use the needle and yarn weaving samples specified in the pattern.
If you need to change the gauge then you need to change the size of the needle.
The way everyone weaves is different, so the direction on the pattern is just an estimate.
I \'ve never used this, frankly, because I didn\'t knit a sweater and I don\'t think it makes sense to use it for a scarf or blanket.
It\'s still scary for me and I need to be more familiar with it.
When a pattern needs a place maker (pm)
Or slide mark (sm)
And then they\'re talking about these needle marks.
These will often be used for round weaving when you need to track your stitches.
There are two kinds of stitching marks: Open (split ring)
Close, I prefer to close because I don\'t have to worry about them falling down.
The best thing about cross stitch is that they are cheap, plus if you don\'t want to go out and buy them then you can use a paper clip. -
These are used when making cable patterns.
When making a cable pattern, you need to sew a few stitches and then weave after the sewing.
Before you need to knit, the cable needle will hold the dropped needle for the time being.
Once you put your basic weaving tools together, then you can start. I always suggest you get these first because you don\'t want to start a project and then realize you need one of them
I\'m sure you need scissors, counters and tapestries for each item.
I hope you enjoyed the article, please feel free to comment.
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