make magic, save cash this gift-giving season

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Atlanta, Georgia (CNN)--
Lori Van Wohe crossed an emotional threshold with a little recycled fabric and some imagination.
This is the holiday season and crafter, who recently got married, is trying to get to know her new members
Law living outside the state
\"At Christmas, I made them some scarves that looked like animals,\" she recalls . \".
\"Distance makes it harder for me to get to know my husband\'s family. \" Her sister-in-Quiet 12-year-
It is the most difficult to be old on the edge of adolescence.
Van Voorhis paused and then smiled, describing a call from her mother a few weeks later --in-law.
She told me about my sister. in-
Since I gave her the scarf, the law has not taken it off.
\"Knowing that she basically sleeps with it at night, it feels really, really good. . . .
It made my eyes cry.
\"Van Wohe finally got in touch with her sister --in-
The law puts their relationship on track.
\"It let me know that I have been accepted by this family,\" she said . \".
Artisans like Van Voorhis touted the magic of handmade gifts, as each gift can be customized for the recipient.
\"Making your own gift highlights the relationship of the person you give the gift to, which shows the understanding and appreciation of the relationship.
\"In a holiday that is covered up by the country\'s financial crisis and economic downturn, handmade gifts --
A monetary spark is needed to make.
See how to make stuffed animal toys, \"people have more time now than they have money,\" Van Voorhis said . \".
\"It\'s a place to save money, cheaper, and it\'s a great choice for people who have everything.
\"The gift giver who just started production will find the whole culture ---
Whether in the real world or online-
Focus on innovation vitality and innovation spirit.
The heart of handmade artisan culture beats on bricksand-
Online mortar crafts exhibition in all parts of the country and Etsy. com.
Since its birth in 2005, the site has become an eBay for artisans and a market for more than 100,000 sellers worldwide.
\"There must be a lot of momentum,\" Van Voorhis said . \".
\"Hand-made is becoming more and more popular with young mothers and others looking for home --
Based on activity and between the people among them
From 20 to early 30
Many artisans joined knitting clubs and other community groups.
It is a sport, not a hobby, for some craftsmen.
Followers of \"craftsman\" see this as a less radical form of community activity.
Van Voorhis said the craftsmen \"want to bring something back into their own lives.
They want to get rid of the negative impact of consumers. driven culture.
\"This concept goes beyond the arts and crafts.
\"You see this when people learn how to grow, hold cans and make jelly.
This is the same as how people learn how to sew, make or repair their own clothes.
It\'s a very DIY philosophy and everything is focused on craftsmanship as this is where we are connected.
\"Craftsmen look for ways to improve the world with their talents.
Their projects are usually designed to limit waste and can be made from natural or recycled materials.
For example, coffee cup sleeves woven with yarn can be reused.
A popular trend of hand-making is to transform outdated Old Clothes Into New cool wearable devices. iReport.
Com: send us a photo of your hand made gift. Many craftsmen like to act as family activities.
Every year at her home in Springfield, Virginia, Kelly Wilson and her 7-year-
Hand-made gift from son Zach
Their annual project.
Wilson said: \"We make gifts for 16 or 20 friends, family and teachers
Author of the crochet yarn cocktail guide.
\"You \'ve listed all the materials and we \'ve created an assembly line and we\'re going to pack them up.
Wilson said she spent about $30 on the material and that she might spend about $100 on gifts in the store.
Van Voorhis said that she spent less than $200 on the material for making holiday gifts, and that she could lose twice as much if she bought them.
Compared with last year, 58% of respondents in the US surveyS.
Michaels, a craft retailer, said they were more likely to make holiday gifts themselves. Forty-
1% said handmade gifts are the best use of their holiday shopping.
Michaels expects its popular 2008 handmade gifts to be jewelry-centric
Make, dress decoration, yarn and baking for kids.
Michaels also offers-
Shop craft workshops and online tutorials.
Many artisans were attracted to this, Wilson said, because it \"came back to a simpler era when their aunts, mothers or grandmothers crafted and used what they had at home to make
But be careful: Van Wells warns that making your own gift can also lead to disaster.
\"If you are not realistic about your abilities, you will really hurt your feelings.
\"If you\'re not Martha Stewart, don\'t pick some very complex craft that you can\'t perform well.
Van Voorhis said the mistake would result in an unwanted gift.
\"Really, all you give them is guilt wrapped up with a bow.
The craftsmen said, \"Be sure to start the handmade holiday gift program earlier, otherwise it may be difficult to resist the temptation to give up shopping in the mall.
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