making a christmas centerpiece, christmas caroler ornaments

by:HKKYO     2019-12-22
These simple but lovely paper Christmas decorations can be made using recycled and paper craft supplies.
Making great kids crafts is simple enough that they don\'t need to spend much time assembling.
As a Christmas center, they will definitely attract people\'s attention. The basic plan can be used to make all kinds of Christmas crafts.
The required supplies include: Old wrapping paper, card board tubes, building paper or old magazines, handmade glue, scissors, small ribbons, old socks to collect the craft supplies and paper needed to make this Christmas center.
For cardboard tubes, use empty sanitary paper tubes, tissue tubes, and even empty tubes (if any) on Christmas wrapping paper ).
Cover the pipe with building paper or wrapping paper.
Tin paper looks really good.
Quick drying process glue or glue stick can glue the paper well.
Simple white school glue is fine if used in small quantities.
The sock cap is made of old, worn-out socks or some grown-up baby socks.
Some Christmas ribbons of hats and markers are also needed to be painted on the face.
Finally, scissors, pencils are required to make these Christmas decorations, and sewing machines or needles and threads may also be required.
Cut cardboard tubes for the core part of Christmas.
These numbers range from 2 1/2 to 4 inch, excluding hats, and they are tubes that are 1 1/4 wide.
They can be made in any size, but the grouping looks better if the size is different.
Wrap a piece of paper with a straight edge around the tube, mark a straight line around the tube, showing the position of the length cut.
Wire cut along this thread to make each paper tube reach the desired size.
Cover the tubes with Christmas wrapping paper fragments or some building paper as shown.
Cut the paper so it can go around the tube and overlap about 1/2 at the end.
Spread a line of glue along the length of the tube and lay an edge of the covered paper on the glue to attach it to the tube.
Wrap the paper around the tube, then stick the edges on it.
Use a thin glue so it dries quickly.
Dry on one side.
If metal wrapping paper is used, as shown in the figure, these Christmas decorations will look amazing standing on the mirror.
When the tube is dry, cut the shape of the face, music book, and hand.
Take a look at the picture below and see what the different shapes should look like.
The face is a simple oval cut off of light paper.
For the mouth, either cut out the smaller oval shape or draw it on the face with the mark.
Punch paper holes and cut cheeks from pink paper.
The old magazine page is a good source for color newspapers, such as black and pink used on the face.
The eyes are just attracted by a mark.
As a child craft, these Christmas decorations are a great way to teach children the color and shape.
Once the tube is dry enough, stick the glue with the oval shape on the surface.
In order to make the Oval flat with the tube, first wrap each oval around a curved surface like a pen or a round pencil.
This will bend them and follow the shape of the tube.
Apply a thin layer of glue on the back of each face, place it on the tube and position them as needed.
Next, apply glue to your mouth and cheeks, or glue with the shape of your eyes.
Make music books and gloves.
For these books, just cut some harder foil-type wrapping paper into a rectangle twice as wide and fold them in half to make a book.
Decorate the book with a cut of some musical instrument or note if needed.
It shows a rectangle of 2 inch by 1 inch.
Cut the gloves off some solid-colored paper.
Look at the pictures and see what shape they are more or less.
Stick an open book to the front of each tube, attach the corner of the bottom to the side of the tube, so that the book is tilted up.
Stick the gloves to the tube so they overlap the edges of the book as if they were holding it. Make the caps.
Make these socks simply by using baby or doll sized socks.
Fold the top edge down and make the cuffs, then place the socks on top of the tube.
Finally, tie a ribbon at the top of the hat.
A good source of the ribbon is the old bow preserved last year.
If the old adult socks are used, first cut off the first 4 or 5 inch parts and then cut this tube material along one side.
Put the socks flat, then fold the sock material to the right side of the inside.
Sew a seam on the side to create a new sock tube suitable for paper tubes.
Sew it up by hand or sewing machine.
Turn the right side of the tube out, fold the bottom cuffs, slide it over the top of the cardboard tube, and close the top with a ribbon.
Put a group of carols on the Christmas tray or on the mirror and make a beautiful Christmas center.
Surround them with some shiny decorations or some small gift boxes.
With some imagination, this basic plan can be used to create a variety of characters.
Angels who make wings and auras with golden or silver ribbons, Santa Claus in red, white beard and black boots, or a group of reindeer or penguins.
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