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by:HKKYO     2019-08-24
Mineral Testing KitSuper rock hounds will want to assemble this simple mineral testing kit for identifying minerals and testing their performance.
First, make a small and sturdy bag and put your kit in: Step 1: Cut 2 6-inch by 8-
Put a few inches of canvas or cowboy together and put it aside by mistake.
Step 2: sew three sides together.
Step 3: fold over 1 inch fabric on top.
Sew together to form a shell.
Step 4: cut a seam opened in the casing and slide the pull rope into it.
After you have assembled the supplies above, here\'s how you can test rocks and minerals using your kit: Step 1: Test \"stripes\" of minerals using tiles \".
Scrape the tiles with your stone and see what color the scratches are.
Step 2: Test the presence of calcium carbonate with vinegar.
Put a drop of vinegar on the rock.
If it bubbles, the rock contains calcium carbonate.
Step 3: Test the hardness of the rock, measured proportionally from 1 (the softest)to 10 (the hardest).
How it works: the highest number (8-10)
Used for rocks that are more difficult than ordinary minerals you might find.
Now, you can identify the rocks in the reference book with what you have learned.
The next science project for the children\'s science project: crystals and minerals are delicious experiments.
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