mum-of-two fined £600 and threatened with jail after mistakenly putting cardboard box in wrong bin

by:HKKYO     2019-12-19
One mother claimed that she was threatened by the prison after accidentally putting the carton into the wrong bin.
39-year-old Alison mepletter, who has now fought back 3GS, said the company threatened to put her in prison, saying they were very aggressive and intimidating about this simple mistake.
At the beginning of the drama, the cartons sent to her company were put into the recycle bin instead of the commercial trash can.
Bin snoopers who work for 3GS then find the box through trash
Posted a fine notice to her for the crime.
But Mapletoft MS said that when she tried to get in touch with the company about the mistake, she was threatened with jail time and extreme intimidation tactics.
The mother of East Sussex said: \"The whole experience is very painful for my whole family, and my daughter is very upset because she thinks Mom may spend Christmas in prison.
\"The fine was totally unexpected and I don\'t know what I did wrong,\" she said.
\"It just said I put a carton in the public recycle bin instead of taking it away.
\"Mrs. Mapletoft runs a business in the home of Hove, East Sussex that makes limited edition scarves and cushions.
She has a box of 65 cm square meters with eight cushions in it, sent to the PO box used by her business, and her husband Charlie broke it and threw it in the public recycle bin.
The family then received two fines.
The mother said: \"Given that I have handled a carton by mistake, the fine of £ 600 is completely out of proportion.
She said that while she admitted that she had made a mistake, the positive response from 3GS was unacceptable.
\"I don\'t have real business waste because I don\'t make or see my goods from home,\" she said.
\"I don\'t know if I handled a box in the recycle bin, technically I\'m a fly --tipping.
This is ridiculous.
A council spokesman said: \"The law requires businesses, including those operating from home or mobile traders, to dispose of recycling and garbage on their own because it is commercial waste.
If businesses do use council bins or flytip their waste, they will face a fine if caught.
\"We work closely with 3GS to ensure that fines are properly and fairly issued in accordance with government guidelines, and before the fines are issued, we ensure that we have all the necessary details including interviews, photo and video evidence
\"Anyone who feels that he has been wrongly given a fixed penalty notice can make a statement to 3GS at the first time.
If they still care or wish to provide more comprehensive feedback, they can write to the Council.
\"Any case submitted to the municipal Bureau will be reviewed individually to ensure the correct issuance of the fixed penalty notice.
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