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by:HKKYO     2019-08-15
Christmas is the season to spread happiness, and the people behind the 100 Santa Claus project have the same intentions --
Spread happiness among street children, many of whom meet Santa for the first time!
On Sunday, a group of Santa Claus filled the streets of Juhu, Bandra Reclamation, Kalina, Mankhurd and Dharavi with their gifts for poor children.
Children enjoy gifts, sing Christmas carols and play games to make it clear how thoughtful it is to make this Christmas special.
Sumit Singh Gandhi of the Voice of Silence
A group that authorizes hearing impaired people to overcome the communication barriers they face --
The intention to give back to society led to the start of the project, he said.
It saw the involvement of people of different abilities who put their concerns aside and turned Santa into Santa.
Sumit said, \"It was originally just an idea and felt like a distant dream, but then it slowly became a movement. It got like-
People with ideas come together for one purpose, that is, playing Santa Claus for one day.
\"The biggest benefit of this initiative for volunteers across age groups is that it opens up a day for everyone who wants to participate and be Santa.
Participants include a wide range of people, from college students and graduates to professionals and grandparents.
Together, they distributed necessities and gifts to more than 10,000 slum and street children in and around Mumbai.
Anisha Mukhija, one of the hearing impaired coordinator, used gestures to help them connect with others.
She said, telling us how they feel, \"they\'re all smiling and excited.
They said that there are many people who say thank you to us today.
They experience the love and joy a person gets on the other side of charity, and they want to be Santa Claus for these children every year.
Sumit added, \"We start with 450 gifts, 15 days before the event, when we are believed and entrusted to join individuals that we support in any way that works, the number of gifts increased to 10,000.
This is our vision.
Create a chain reaction for all so they can start doing their part for others!
\"Make the world a better place to distribute gifts and candy for kids going to the world --
Surprised by the professional Aishwarya Pandey and the student Aashi Thakkar.
Aashi said, \"When we started meeting the kids, they were curious and wanted to know what was in their gift bags.
Reena, a little girl who was so excited to see Santa for the first time, shouted, \"You look exactly like Santa on the book \".
Her excitement grew over the next few minutes, and she sang carols with us, with a contagious smile flashing across her face.
This gives our team the ideal motivation to set the rhythm and make sure we make 10,000 kids smile.
Excited kids appreciate the children\'s efforts to get their first doll, automatic toys, schoolbags, and art and handmade kits they open and start playing right away.
Aishwarya added, \"the smiling faces of the children have strengthened our belief in this initiative.
The words they said \"thank you, Merry Christmas to Me\" are now engraved in our hearts, and this is the first step in the change we wish to see.
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