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by:HKKYO     2019-08-23
After the next rain, decorate the mud for the children.
Like the kohogo people in the Ivory Coast of Africa, paint with mud.
What do you need: Step 1: Prepare the mud paint and dig out a cup of dirt or mud.
Step 2: collect a plastic bowl, water tank, filter and plastic spoon.
Step 3: place a little dirt or mud in the filter and add some water.
Stir the mixture on a plastic bowl to remove pebbles, sticks, leaves and other debris that are not suitable to pass through the filter.
Step 4: Continue to add and filter more mud, and occasionally stop to pour off the water collected at the top of the bowl when the mud settles to the bottom.
Step 5: when the mud is fully filtered and smooth, add some paint to the mud to create a rich soil color.
Step 6: Draw on cotton cloth like Korhogo: put a handkerchief, a thin cloth or a cut part of the old sheet in the newspaper, paint the material with a brush, leaves or branches in mud.
Or, draw on a newspaper or a cut-up grocery bag.
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