nature craft projects for kids

by:HKKYO     2019-08-25
Leave your mark in the world (
Or at least on plaster)
When you create your own do-it-
You are the \"fossil\" of the children yourself \".
Fossils are the marks of plants and animals found in rocks.
One way fossils form in nature is that a leaf falls into the wet sand.
The flood deposited more sand on the top of the leaves, so it was trapped there.
The leaves have rotted for thousands of years.
But as the sandy soil harden into rock, the leaves are left in the rock.
You can see how the fossils are made by yourself.
Step 1: select an object to make a fossil.
It can be shells, leaves, animal bones, or another object in nature.
Step 2: cover the object with Vaseline.
Step 3: Next, pour some Paris plaster and some water on a small plate.
Mix them well together.
Let the plaster and water of Paris sit for a few minutes and don\'t stir them.
Step 4: Press the object on the plaster of Paris and let everything dry.
It will take at least one day.
Step 5: remove the object when the plaster in Paris is completely dry.
The impression is like a fossil.
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Start pine nuts.
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