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by:HKKYO     2019-08-23
This simple craft can have a great calming effect.
On this page you will learn how to make the beach in the bottle for the kids.
Have you ever longed to see the ocean?
This beach packed in bottles will help you \"tide over\" on two trips \".
Step 1: Find a clean, transparent plastic tank with a safety cover (a soap-and-water-
The washed peanut butter jar works well).
Step 2: collect half a can of clean garbage next time you go to the beachfree sand.
Step 3: Take the water line and see what treasure you can find.
Are there any shells washed from the bottom of the sea?
Feathers of seabirds?
A beautiful piece of floating wood?
A piece of fine sand glass?
Put them in the jar with the sand.
Step 4: close the jar safely now and take it home.
That bottle of beach will remind you of your love for the coast and why you want to go back soon.
Another way to protect natural memory is to use plaster.
Learn how to make plaster forever fish on the next page.
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