nature projects for kids

by:HKKYO     2019-08-25
If you and your family haven\'t recovered yet, it\'s time to start!
Try this recycling project for the children (and families)
Build your own recycling center.
Recycling is one of the best things you can do for nature-and for people.
Recycling saves the trees, energy and many other resources we all need.
Recycling helps reduce pollution and waste in the world.
Set up your own recycling center to find out what items can be recycled in your area. (
Call town hall or local newspaper. )
Then find out where the items that can be recycled are placed-
Or if they can be picked up at your home.
It\'s easy to set up a center at home, so everyone will remember to recycle.
Simply place the carton next to the trash can and label it: \"newspaper\" \"aluminum can\" \"Glass Container \".
\"These are the most common recyclable items.
You can also recycle some plastic in some areas.
Use our voice to say what you think about the environment and other issues.
Learn more on the next page of the children\'s nature program.
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