neighbourhood toy stores say ‘buy local’

by:HKKYO     2019-12-08
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Now, the toy shop nearby wants you to follow this example when buying a toy.
\"We\'re talking about shopping locally and supporting businesses in your community,\" said Patti tagt, president of Canada\'s neighborhood toy store.
The Association will host its first Neighborhood Toy Store Day this Saturday to spread its message of \"buying locally.
Activities include 32 Ontario stores (Five of GTA)
, And sales of scavenger hunt, Tea Party, reading of children\'s writers and sidewalks will be provided.
Taggart says independent toy stores support Canada-
Products produced from companies such as Roylco in Waterloo and Montreal manufacturing straw and connector building kits
Based on Kiss Naturals, it produces all
Natural process kit.
In the participating stores, there is a silly goose child in the east.
Toronto opened in September.
Co-said: \"We live in this community and we think this store is needed in this community
Find Tracy Jacob.
The response from the local family was very warm, she said, and they loved walking with the children, testing
Drive toys and get advice and products they can\'t find in the big box store.
As they prepare for the biggest shopping season, independent toy stores want to challenge the masses --
Market muscles and cuts
Chain stores like Wal-Mart and toy \"R\" Us rate prices by offering a personal feel and a sense of community.
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