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by:HKKYO     2019-08-17
Julie Van Rosendahl\'s golden point Lucky Cookie is a sweet tooth, about 30 calories, with no fat and sugar next to it, with a message and lucky numbers.
Buy it in a box at the grocery store in Asia.
Clean wet clothes
Nap or wet towel in zipper
The best bag so your child can wash his hands before eating without a detour to the bathroom sink or hand --
Hand sanitizer station
Liquid GoalsWater is the best moisturizing. BPA-
Free bottles are cheap and easy to find, even now in the dollar store.
On the other hand, a box of unsweetened apple juice contains 23 grams of sugar (
For the sake of comparison, a complete
Eatmore bar contains 18 grams
And only vitamin C is generally added.
Remember, \"no sugar\" does not mean sugar
It\'s free, but some things have enough sugar in the first place. No Nuts?
If your school is crazy
Free but your kids love PB & J and try NoNuts golden pea butter (
Alta is legally planted and manufactured. ; Go to peabutter. ca).
You can also pack sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy fat.
A little love from the oven is always a good idea.
Homemade granola sticks, biscuits, quick bread or muffins are easily frozen when needed and then thawed.
You can also have breakfast in the car.
Fruits and vegetables are better to eat fruits than to drink fruits and do not need to be packed.
Let the child choose a new variety, or try to package dried fruits such as apricots, blueberries, Pears.
Better vegetables (
As long as they are eaten).
Try changing some cucumbers from carrot and celery sticks.
Packed fishing-
The Tackle box, sewing/craft bag and utility box are in various shapes and sizes and are durable, washable and cost approximately (
And often not)
Traditional lunch box.
They play children.
Friendly lunch with cubicle to store ingredients for do-it-
Pizza, tacos, mini
Pita cookies and cheese, or anything your child can imagine.
DIY Lunchable saves plastic containers and other packaging, with minimal morning preparation (
Easier than making sandwiches)
Inspire creativity, and this may be exactly what children need when they prefer to play and not eat.
The short answer the children want is: lunch.
Children like those stores.
Bought a compartment full of deconstructed pizzas, submarines, or tortillas.
A healthier compromise is complete packagingwheat mini-
Tortillas, cookies or tortillas and any amount of fillings--
Hard cheese or crushed cheese
Boiled eggs, fried beans, tuna or frozen meat (
The little meatballs, roast beef, chicken, pork or ham will remain cool but unfreeze before lunch --time).
It includes pasta or pizza sauce, salsa, cranberry sauce, avocado, raisins.
Use your imagination and your children will use their imagination. (
What\'s wrong with granola? and-cheese pita? )
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