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Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 25/2/2010 (3398 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Manitoba Children\'s Museum unveiled its largest ever renovation plan Thursday afternoon, combining old and new to completely renovate the historic CN trainRepair the building. A brand-new cube-
The entrance of the shape will be built on a sloping basis and designed to look like a spaceship. The 3,500-square-
The walking entrance will enter the old museum space, which will be transformed into a miniature city designed around the idea of children\'s building blocks.
\"It will not only entertain, but it will also educate secretly,\" said Sarah hanchek, director of education and exhibition . \".
The entire renovation will cost $10 million.
Funding has been raised for several quarters through corporate and individual donations and federal and provincial infrastructure grants.
\"We really look forward to the community coming forward to rest,\" said Diane Doh, executive director of the museum . \".
The museum will be closed this fall and reopened in the spring of 2011, doubling the number of exhibits.
A year later, when the children enter, they will see a huge slide with optical illusion.
At the top, children can use Periscope to visit the rest of the museum.
It may take a while to see all this.
On the left, a huge cow acts as the entrance to a dairy farm where children can learn about modern agriculture by touching, hearing and even milking (fake)cow.
Further down the road is the art of pop music, a craft area where children buy recycled items and use them to create artwork.
The children walk through a city facade in the rolling area and find tables that can be built and destroyed in more than 1,500 blocks.
A table will simulate an earthquake, rumbling and shaking until the block tower collapses.
Behind is the Lhasa lookout, six.
Five-story high metre structure.
Everyone will challenge tourists with pasta.
Avoid themed activities such as meatballs and crawling through the flying house tunnel. Twelve-year-
Old Michael OGOM visited the museum for the first time when he was two years old and he wanted to volunteer there one day, saying he was most looking forward to the pasta game structure.
\"It looks really interesting,\" he said . \"
Natural Area-
With the theme of relaxation, the huge bubble wall and soft space, providing sensory activities for the small people, and so on, will create a museum of \"pushing envelopes\" together, montreal designer Laurent Kelly said.
Carrier, who has been working at the Children\'s Museum for nearly 20 years, said he specifically made the space flexible so that it could be changed in the future.
\"The concept will remain, but if an exhibition is worn out, they can either add it or turn it into something new,\" he said . \".
The old staples of the museum, like five, were apparently not included in the plan
A one-meter-long oak slide and a yellow punching car.
\"It\'s very difficult to make a decision,\" said Doth . \".
\"There is something that needs to be repaired or it can\'t be fixed at all, so we have to say goodbye.
\"But not everything is gone.
Although it will be renovated, the historic National Train No.
9161 will not leave any time soon.
As an integral part of the history of museums and cities, it will remain in its central position all the time.
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