new yorkers & co.; opening up a toy box by moving a few blocks

by:HKKYO     2019-09-01
31, 1999 geppetto\'s toy box, a replacement for chain toy stores, moved a few blocks in West Village last week to 11 Christopher Street, Guy Street, after four years at 161 south of Seventh Avenue (
Between Perry Street and Waverley Street).
The move doubled the square foot and enabled owner Jerry eadreto and his partner Chris renter to arrange their toys for a better accessibility environment.
Sir, in their old place.
\"Every time we get a toy, the other six will fall off,\" said retemel.
\"They expanded their product line from imported toys, including hanging clown hands
Painted in Mexico ($49. 95)
And stuffed animals like boa snake puppets ($33. 95)
, Making kits for older children ($14 to $29. 95)
And foldable Maclaren stroller ($169. 95).
After the holiday, puppet shows will be staged in the new store.
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Open a toy box by moving a few blocks.
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