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by:HKKYO     2019-11-23
Any craft made of paper looks very elegant and beautiful, as does the paper flower.
There are many different techniques for making paper flowers, and learn some about them in this information.
Paper flowers are a great and creative craft concept that you can make in the long summer afternoons.
You can make different types of paper flowers, from the most basic to the more complex.
They can be used to decorate your home, and unlike real flowers, they don\'t wither.
If you have young children, teaching them this craft is a great way for them to take advantage of their time and learn something satisfying.
Once you have mastered the basic paper flowers, you can make a variety of different flowers such as rose, lily, longevity chrysanthemum and sunflower.
One of the simplest and most elegant paper flowers is the rose, and we will give you a step --by-
Make a step description.
The first step is to take a piece of cardboard and draw a pattern of petals on it.
With the help of a sharp pair of scissors, cut the pattern.
This is the petal template we are going to use.
Now, place this petal template on the colored wrinkled paper and cut out the paper in the shape of the petal.
Now repeat this step and cut 14 petals using the template.
Take a toothpick or any long, narrow stick and wrap the edge of a petal.
Remove the toothpick and you will find that the edges of the petals curl a little inward.
Curl another edge and bottom edge of the petal using the same technique.
When you\'re done, you\'ll have three edges that curl inward.
Repeat the same procedure on all other petals of the wrinkled paper.
Now place two pieces of paper towels on a flat surface and make sure the edges of the paper towels fit each other.
Fold the paper towel so that it is about 2 cm wide.
Cut the paper 2 cm long and open the long note.
Curl the tissue along the flower line and glue the ends together.
Take a petal of the wrinkled paper you create and hold it in your hand so that the curled part goes down.
Apply strong glue in the middle of the petals, then press the flower thread on it.
Wrap the petals along the right edge of the Flower line and fix it with a little glue.
Now wrap the left side around the right side and wrap it around the petals.
Repeat the same process with other petals until you attach all fourteen petals.
When you connect the petals, bend the petals of the rose back to make it look natural.
Your rose paper is ready.
You can make more roses and put them in a vase.
Folding paper flowers are easier to make as they do not involve any pattern cutting and bonding.
Origami is a very simple process. All you need to do is to follow the instructions accurately.
You can make a variety of changes to this basic paper flower, or you can experiment with different flower types.
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