paper flowers craft

by:HKKYO     2019-11-21
Making beautiful things like flowers with paper is an art that you can do in your spare time.
Teaching children is an excellent art.
You can make different types of paper flowers, from the simplest to the more complex.
Crepe paper flowers need Crepe paper of various colors. Scissors flower tapemask tape method put crepe paper on working surface and cut 6
Inches of long stripes on the width of the paper.
Fold this strap in half.
In terms of length and make 1-
Cut in inches-inch apart.
Cut another wrinkle paper in the same way in different colors. Fold it half-
In length, cut along the opening so you get a loose edge.
Now fold the whole wrinkle paper half vertically and fold it again so you can get a smaller square sheet.
Fold it over vertically and cut out a zigzag pattern about 1 inch from the edge of the opening.
With the help of the Clippers, cut the pins into three equal parts.
Rotate the wrinkle paper with the stripes around the pin and fix it in place with masking tape.
The center of the paper flower is ready.
Now, the wrinkled paper that rotates the zigzag pattern around this center, slowly twisting and stacking layers with circular motion.
When you reach the end of the paper, fix it with a little masking tape.
Your crepe paper flower is ready.
Make more flowers in different colors so you have a bouquet and put it in a large vase or container.
Cutting out paper flowers requires 8 square cards paperA a pair of scissors to fold a square card paper in half and fold it again so you can get a smaller piece of paper.
Now expand this paper and you will see two creases that divide the paper into four equal squares.
Fold the paper diagonally on one side and fold again diagonally on the other.
Expand along the original creases and fold the paper for small creasessized square.
Place this piece of paper in such a way that the unopened corners of the square face you and mark a heart --shaped pattern.
Make sure that the point of the heart coincides with the angle facing you.
Outline the shape with a pencil and cut it out with scissors.
Open the paper along the creases and you have a beautiful paper flower cut out.
Repeat on all other paper and stick them on solid branches with some adhesive.
Paper towel flower needs 4 paper towel Flower line foam ballGreen flower tape by completely wrapping the flower wire with green flower tape.
Cut out 5 4 \"x 2\" paper towels and put them on one side.
Wrap the paper towel around the foam plastic ball and twist both ends.
Remove the foam plastic ball and attach the petals to one end of the Flower line.
Fixed with mask tape.
Connect all four other petals in the same way and pinch the end.
These paper flowers can be used as decorations and look great at the party.
You can get your kids involved in making and have a great time teaching them this wonderful craft.
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