polyresin crafts

by:HKKYO     2019-12-22
There are two forms of household resin: polyester resin or polyurethane epoxy resin.
Both are plastic and are commonly called resin.
Used for jewelry, paperweight, magnets and other small craft items. The glass-
Like the appearance of the hardened resin, it is suitable for permanently embedding objects to make attractive displays.
Polyester resin is the perfect choice for large projects.
The depth of pouring must be at least 1/2-
In order to cure the resin correctly, inches.
Used for paperweight, diorama design, cabinet pull or other deeper molds.
Polyester resin does not harden on one side exposed to air, so resin spray or sealant is required to fully solidify the opening side of the mold.
Polyester resin is more susceptible to ambient humidity and it can take up to 3 days to fully harden.
More tolerant than epoxy---
The sealant will cover any minor flaws in the finished product.
Epoxy or polyurethane resin is most commonly used in jewelry and other items with a depth of less than inches.
Epoxy is cured to a rock-hard surface within 24 to 36 hours at room temperature.
It is ideal for coating and sealing objects such as the surface of a table top or pendant.
It does not emit strong smoke like polyester resin.
There are two types of resin in the craft shop.
As long as the depth is correct, the resin mold purchased can use all types of resin.
Made of lightweight plastic molds of various sizes and shapes.
Replace silicone and rubber molds for shops such as ice trays or baking trays
I bought a resin mold.
Use plastic food for storage or other containers with polyester resin.
Making your own mold with latex or silicone is another possibility.
If the mold is not made specifically for resin crafts, always use the mold release spray.
Replace the mold permanent filling body with resin.
Bottle caps and mint or candy cans are two options.
If there is no gap between the frame and the liner, the resin will leak.
Apply a thin layer of epoxy on a metal or wooden shape or object to add glasslike seal.
Resin is the most valued embedding work.
Any object can be embedded in the resin and sealed. Non-
Porous items do not need to be prepared before embedding.
Charm of plastic and metal, shells and beads are rightporous objects.
The porous items include paper, dried flowers and fabric.
Seal a porous object before embedding it with a destick glue or spray sealant.
Please dry completely before use.
Fill the mold in half and let the resin cure for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Put the object into the mold and continue filling the mold to the top.
Let the treatment at the specified time.
For flat or sealed items, attach the embedded object to the base with a decoupled glue for it to dry.
Apply a thin layer of resin to the top for curing.
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